Blood Tides

Blood Tides 9 - A Crow descends...

Solara's true nature revealed

We go back to town. Rusila wants to go to the tavern that Robbs mentioned, The Shallows. There we meet the barkeep Omar Keefe. We mention Blue Falcon (symbol of Taldan) to him.

He says the captain must be a fan of rum. He brings us to a private room. A tavern wench brings food and drink to us. Captain casts Purify Food & Drink – we don’t know if we can trust this guy! Keefe comes back with a cask of ‘special’ rum and a small chest. The rum comes from a special island place with these big round shells. Inside the shell is this milky white liquid, it’s delicious.

Keefe says that Inside the chest there is a letter of marque from Taldan, 20 trade bars (200 gp value), compass (radiates divination magic).

The Captain discovers a shifty-looking Tiefling lurking nearby, spying on us. We ask her questions, her name is Crow. Lilura casts Mind Read and it seems Crow is telling the truth about what she says to us, that she’s just looking to join a crew and make some money. We tell her she has to swear an oath to the Captain. The Captain casts a spell on her so that if she is willfully lying, it will harm her.

While the rest of the crew is conversing, Lilura has a test of her own for Crow. She enters the main bar and says “Quick, they’re trying to steal a chest in that room!” to the most rough-and-tumble looking guys in the room. Four big guys go into the room and say “What are you doing, wench?” to the Captain. Oops. Crow casts a Shadow spell that darkens the room slightly. Lilura jumps to grab the chest and hide behind the table that the Captain overturned. One of the dumbest of the dudes goes after Lilura and the chest but misses grabbing it. Crow tries to attack the tavern roughs but misses. Lilura casts Misfortune on the simple man and trills a laugh which causes his misfortune to be longer lasting. Rusila turns into her badass Water Elemental form! There’s a lot of fighting and the tides finally seem to turn towards our piratey ‘heroes’. Lilura yells out “Wait, wait, it’s all been a mistake! Stop hurting the captain!” They stop fighting and run. The Captain was going to stop them but she cast ice armor. Crow smacks the last guy on the butt with her saber as they run out.

We get Hero points. Yay!

Lilura shows them the contents of the chest. She wonders if the compass answers questions. Rusila asks where is Taldan. The compass points in the direction of Taldan. Lilura asks where the greatest treasure is, then defines it as the best pirate shop of all. The compass points back to Port Haven, the Taldan navy ship! The manor is on the way there with the other ship. The Captain says we need to go take care of that women, Solara, who set us up.

We go to Solara’s town house. Rusilla starts to ask Solara pointed questions about what’s up with her being actually a bad guy. She seems to have a lot of money., plus she needs to pay us extra for Gaeron dying, that was part of the deal! The women feigns ignorance but Rusila tells her we know of the smuggler’s tunnel, the riches. She’s being sweet as pie to Rusila and Lilura but is being very cold to Crow. Crow spies a vase and realizes it’s a very expensive Chilaxian vase. She tries to pocket it. Lilura tries to cast Suggestion on Solara to get her to tell the Captain the truth. It fails and Solara realizes what’s up. Solara then casts a thick fog and it’s on! The Captain begins the fight for our team and casts Wind Wall with water. She’s still in water elemental form. Lilura tries to cast Misfortune on Solara which misses but Bouncing Spell sends it to a shadowy figure she noticed off to the side of the room. Stupid Solara casts Eye Bite on the Captain and later on Crow. Eye Bite sucks a whole lot. She then casts Baleful Polymorph and turns Crow into a gecko! (That’s gotta sting for our Tiefling.) The Troll, who was lurking in the shadows, gets Lightening Bolted and other stuff, then runs away through a window. Harumph! Lilura casts Burning Hands on Solara.and Rusila casts Wall of Water, imprisoning Solara behind the water. Lilura then casts Touch of Idiocy, etc. so she’s stupid and can die! I hate her! Lilura commands Solara to turn Crow back. She gives up after Rusila puts her in a Vortex of water.

Crow is finally turned back into Tiefling form but has a slight tinge of glittery teal due to her time as a gecko and she’s left with a little bit of scaliness. GM keeps saying she wants to lick her eyeball, which is kind of disgusting, even for a Tiefling.

There is loot! 2 potions Cure Moderate Wounds (2-Rusila), potion of Displacement (Crow), potion of Invisibility (Crow), Robe of Bones (3 bones) SELL, Masterwork dagger (Crow), amulet of natural armor +1 SELL, belt of Mighty Constitution +2 (Lilura), Cloak of Resistance +2 (Rusila).

Lilura searches for info on her smuggling operation but despite doing a very thorough search there is no information to be had. This woman was super sneaky. Rusila searches for other information and finds out that the wizard that killed Gaeron was Solara’s ally and the octopus dude was her minion. They sold slaves Cheliax, drugs to Taldan, anything to anywhere she could.

There is also a Masterwork heavy wooden shield SELL, potion of Sanctuary, arcane scroll of Floating Disc (Lilura), scroll of Cure Serious Wounds (Lilura), potion of Protection from Evil, arcane scroll of Haste (Lilura), 786 of gems/jewels, 2700 gp. TOTAL 3486 + SELL (including contents of house and her house) = ???



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