Blood Tides

Blood Tides 5 - STEPHEN ADD :)


off-screen: Lilura sold sold the remainder of the fireball necklace to buy herself a a lovely headband/circlet of leather with tiny shells embellishing it with a lovely amber-colored stone in the center (of her forehead). Lilura thinks she looks quite fetching in it. She also practices a spell, making her leather armor and guns masterwork.

Lemm looks in the captain’s quarters to see if we can tell whose ship it might be. It’s owned by a Taldan consortium. We’re considering selling the ship. We’re also considering selling the merchandise. Lemm appraises the cargo. It’s worth about $10,000 in gold in a place where they need that stuff.

We’re going to each put in 80 gp in so the ship can make it to The Shackles: 30 days with 20 crew. We’re also going to sell the cargo. We’re curious about where the Sea Sprite went.

We head out to Corentyn on the Arch of Aroden. It’s a major Cheliaxian port, but they trade with everyone.

We start sailing, weighing anchor each night, as we don’t have quite enough people to do full watches. One night, while we’re sleeping, Anguis wakes Lilura and says there are creatures in the water. Lilura goes topside where she sees a Tojanida attacking the oceanside of the ship. She rings the ship bell and yells that we’re being attacked. As people are awakened, 2 more Tojanidas attack the other side of the ship. Then humanoid creatures with cloaks that are soaked with water and covered with kelp start to board the ship. Lilura warns the others that the Tojanidas can squirt black ink at them.

They’re all attacking. One of the Tojanidas bites Ivan in half, he’s down, we don’t want him to die! Try to perform Hypnotism on the turtles but can see they’re undead. Shoot a bottle of holy water at one, eh.

There’s a lot of fighting and a lot of people get close to deaded or really hurt, except for Lilura somehow. Gruk is pretty much a badass. Rusila is really badly hurt and finally gets knocked into the water by one of the turtles. Lilura jumps in to try to save Rusila, using her potion of cure light wounds. They then get back on the ship. Lilura runs to the gooey puddle of zombie sorcerer. She grabs his staff and a totem/icon that he has. It represents the cult that worships these animals. But they’ve been zombified.

Minor staff of spell storing. Currently 2 Wizard spells: Scare, Magic Missile.

Gaeron thinks that there are just random zombies. Lilura thinks there is necromantic energy that is moving towards them or outward. She reminds everyone that there is supposedly a necromancer in the swamp back at Port Dagger.

Gaeron goes to inspect the ship. He notices some black oozy stuff coming through cracks in the ship. He goes back down with Rufas and pores holy water on the gunk, at Liluara’s suggestion. The stuff animates like tendrils and tries to attack Gaeron and Rufas.

Gaeron asks Lilura to make barrels of holy water. She is able to make 1 a day. On the 4th day they go down to the bilge with Gruk, Bruce, Ivan, and Lemm. They start to pore the holy water down into the bilge, on the 2nd barrel the creature surges up through the deck. It’s on!

Lilura uses the Magic Missile from the staff.

Lemm pretty much kills the thing with his fancy arrows but there is a giant 3’ hole. Rusila creates an air bubble to get us enough time to get safely to shore. While we’re beached, Gaeron and the crew fix the hole by cannibalizing the long boat. He fashions a raft in case we get in trouble. Lilura alchemically produces a pitch that is fire-retardant to seal what small leaking there is.

While we’re repairing the ship, Lilura makes 7 barrels of holy water.

We set sail and get to Corentyn. A Chelaxian official asks us what our business is (repairs to our ship), what our ship name is (Merry Prankster), what the country of origin is (Taldon). Rusila asks if he knows anyone who would give us a good deal on repairing the ship, he suggests his awesome brother.

Gaeron pays the crew: 28 days of 3 sp each day. They all go on shore leave. He thinks they’re super-content but they may not be…

We go to the Bucatino Shipyard and the dude there tries to bilk us out of $10,000 gp to fix the boat. He then says $5,000. Lilura sees a ledger on a desk. She starts to sneak over and Lemm has Torval pee on the guy’s leg. She sees that he is charging us 10x as much as he should. She starts yelling “thief!” and “cheat!”. Finally, Rusila and Gaeron see that he was cheating us. He’s going to fix the boat with our materials and our epoxy that is flame-resistent and $50gp. Lemm stays behind to make sure he does a good job.

We go out to sell the cargo. Rusila finds a guy who’ll pay us $3,400 for it and Rusila finally agree to $3,600 and that his people will offload the cargo. After expenses it’ll leave us with $3,450.

As we are walking around town, we see the official who met us at the dock. He is with his minion. Lilura stops to thank him and tell him how kind he was to help us. She explains that she is embarrassed but that we are now slightly down on our luck now that we have paid the very reasonable fees for the ship repairs (Bluff). She then mojos him with Touch of Idiocy and -2 Wisdom. He tells his minion to give us the money from the wooden box. We get $250 gold.

We now have $3678.8 for our new ship. :)



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