Blood Tides

We try to decide what crew roles we are. We try to decide base of operations. We try to decide whether to keep the house or how to keep the house or how to put it in our names. We aren’t much good at deciding really. The manor is owned by Solara’s family, who are Chelaxian nobility. The manor goes through their line or it reverts to the Chelaxian government. We ponder. We shall squat for the time being.

We find the name of the ship to be The Velour de Nuit (The Thief of Night). Nope, that won’t stand, it’s a little obvs.

We are investigating the ship. Lilura wanders down to the Captain’s quarters. There is a ward with necromantic magic on the hatch (door) and all of the ports (windows). Lilura casts dispel magic and walks into the room. On the poopdeck, Osteval is perusing his skin-job map. He detects treasure in the Captain’s quarters. It appears to be a chest. As Lilura enters the quarters she sees a chest which appears to have magic inside, and she calls out for everyone to come down just as Osteval enters.

Lemm checks out the chest and determines that everything’s chill but he has a nagging feeling that there’s a problem. Crow tells everyone to step back and shoots it with an arrow. The arrow glances off the chest, just nicking it in the process. Lilura checks for keys in the desk, but there are none. Lemm tries to pick the lock and the chest instantly animates into a Mimic with big pointy teeth! It shoots goo towards everyone. Everyone but Crow is able to dodge the goo stream. “Dammit, Crow!” Ostevel moans. Crow is sprayed with some nasty gooey stuff, and she is stuck to the Mimic, grappled. Oh no, not… Grappled!

Lemm tries to attack it with a dagger and is instantly stuck to it. Osteval boldly brandishes his rapier and attempts to puncture its resolve and construct-y body but is also stuck to the Mimic for his effots. Lilura tries to Slumber the Mimic but he says ‘Feh on your spell, witch!’ (not literally but figuratively). Everyone attempts to get unstuck or attack.

Lilura determines with her fancy alchemical knowledge that the Mimic is vulnerable to base chemicals or alcohol. Lilura has a flask of whisky on her and flings the contents on the Mimic, releasing Osteval and Lemm. The Captain attacks but is then stuck! Osteval determines that it is weakened due to its dousing with alcohol and pierces its alchemical heart. We Reflexify as the mimic explodes into explodey bits and most of us take half damage but the Captain is fully blasted at no small cost to her health.

In the wreckage after we find 60 gp ($10 each and $10 for ship), 12 platinum pieces (2 each and 2 for ship), harpoon (magical), Ring of the Grasping Grave (the wearer of ring can make a melee touch attack on undead creature cutting it off from undead energy), potion of Magic Vestment (gives non-magical a bonus), scroll of Mage Armor, Wand of Remove Fear (Osteval)…

We search the rest of the ship and ship’s logs. They had been attacking Taldan ships in the Inner Sea. We decide to remove the figurehead of the ship, so we are less recognizable. The Captain says that the figurehead should be of Besmara. When we look in crew quarters, we find a potion of Greater Magic Fang, a potion of Rage, scroll of Prestidigitation, a scroll of Mending, potion of Mirror Image (Lilura), scroll of Shadow Evocation, a Bag of Holding Type 3 (Lemm), scabbard of keen edges. (Crow). Boots of Haste (S8, Osteval). Potion of Invisibility (S11, Crow).

We go to town to sell the booty that we have that no one wants. Lilura selects an item from the booty that she thinks may have the most value, the 2 scrolls of Resist Energy (S11, Lilura).

The Captain and Lilura want to go after the Taldan ship. Crow wants to do piratey things and plague Chelaxian ships. Lilura tires of the debate and checks the Compass that Radiates Divination Magic for The Sea Sprite. It’s currently patrolling the waters of the inner sea, south and west of here, looking for pirates. She also checks her journal that is spelled to show her what’s in Robbs’ journal. It is empty and shows no information about The Sea Sprite. It shows no activity since the day she cast the spell. This seems quite odd. Is Robbs dead? Did he lose the journal he held with great import?

Before she can tell the Captain of her findings, Anguis comes to her and tells her that Crow was sending a communication to someone. Hmm, interesting… Lilura asks Anguis to obtain the communication and bring it to her. A short time letter Anguis returns with a letter. It is to Robbs, detailing our activities and stating that she’s going to try to convince all of us to harry Chelaxian shipping. Lilura asks to speak to the Captain in private, relating all of the information.

During this conversation, Osteval has wandered into town with Lemm and Crow. Crow wanders off on her own. Osteval and Lemm wander to the nearest nightlife establishment, where Lemm grabs the largest tankard of ale he can muster and Osteval begins to gamble with the locals, singing songs to them as he wins. And wins. And wins…

Back at the ship, the Captain gets word that the town is getting pretty pissed with this fancy Bard’s singing and bardic conning. The Captain and Lilura head into town. Just as they get to the tavern, the locals are heading to Osteval en masse to thrash him silly. The Captain and Lilura try to intervene. Lilura Slumbers one of the mob, as Rusila grabs Osteval’s money purse. There is more fighting and the tides of the battle ebb and flow. Rusila casts Obscuring Mist – there are still three guys up.

Osteval then takes matters into his own hands and casts a Cone of Fear, leaving the British guy cowering on the floor with his 2 friends shaken. The shaken pals still try to attack, one of them taking a poke at Rusilla. Lilura asks the gentleman, standing on the table, if he’s ever really noticed the color of his friends eyes, and the unsuspecting bloke is instantly filled with Unnatural Lust for his friend. He begins to move to him to try to kiss him passionately. Rusila and Osteval then finish the fight and we leave the tavern.

As we leave, we see Crow strolling down the street. The Captain and Osteval argue all the way back to the ship, when Lilura reminds the Captain that perhaps her anger over Osteval’s gambling shenanigans is misplaced. The Captain says “Yes!” and calls Crow out for her recent actions. Lilura cries out to Crow, “You took an oath! And the Captain even spelled you!”

Crow explains that she doesn’t care about Taldan or Robbs, it was a means to an end. She hates Cheliax and will see them burn! Lilura tries to explain to Crow that while her actions may have been noble, they were not very piratey. There may be honor among thieves and pirates but not in the actions of a do-gooder.

There is speculation that Robbs may be dead. The Captain does not really care but Lilura wonders if someone else may know or care of their actions. Crow said they made an arrangement because our actions suited both Robbs and her purposes. We wonder where Scarlet, Robbs wizardy girlfriend, is.

And finally, crew matters are settled and there is trustyish trust among our deviants once more. Osteval is the now the new First Mate, and Crow is the new Navigator.

As we get settled, ready to set out to sea after accomplishing our tasks in town, Lilura and Crow noticed that the ship’s stores are not secured properly. They are not seaworthy! The leave to confront Lemm on the disorder with the supplies. Lemm explains innocently, [O hai guise!] “I don’t actually have training, I just like stuff.” Aww, that’s our Lemm.

As we shift off to sea, we have 30,000 gold pieces as payment for the Merry Prankster. The townhouse is in our name, and we have a squat-worthy pirate base at the Manor House.



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