The Crew

ranks and levels


Your Crewmen’s Level is determined by your Leadership Score. They must be no higher than your level minus 2. If your Leadership Score gives you more to play with pointwise, you may add Feats to your crewmen. (per GM)

Your Lvl + Your Cha Modifier = Leadership Score (LS)

Captain (LS?) – Rusila
Carpenter/Surgeon – Rufus (Lvl 2, Human)
ABS – Pablo Escobar (commoner)

1st Mate (LS?) – Osteval
Rigger – Ri Gger (half elf, bard/rogue)
Bosun – Bo Sun (half Orc, fighter/rogue)

Quartermaster (LS9) – Lemm
Rigger – Black Jack Sue (Half-Aquatic Elf, female, ranger, Lvl 6)
Mate – Able Seaman (Human, male, fighter, Lvl 6)

Navigator (LS?) – Crow
Boatswain/Bosun – Bruce O’Malley (Lvl 2, Human, bard If one could call him a bard)
Mate – Ivan Ironsail (Lvl 1, Dwarf, fighter)

Master Gunner/Ship’s Wizard (LS12) – Lilura
Gunner’s Mate – Gruk (Half-Orc, Linnorn, barbarian, Lvl 6 +2 Feats, Powder Monkey)
ABS – Clem Entine (commoner, now professional sailor, Lvl 4)

Sailing Master/Navigator (First Mate) – Gaeron RIP


The Crew

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