Blood Tides

Blood Tides 11 - Further into the Smuggler's Den

The best laid plans of witches and folk who can't sneak...

So dear friends our tale continues…
We Awakened refreshed and ready for whatever horrors the smugglers’ cove may have held for us. We began to remove our blockades and prepared ourselves to delve ever deeper into danger….
Now it must be said, our intrepid ranger, while strong of arm and relentless in battle, does possesses some fault….mainly her left ear.
Not a soul on the other side of the door, said she…all clear, she declared with much authority.
Oh sweet and simple Crow, You could not be any more wrong.
Not a soul true….for the undead have no souls….and there were plenty of undead who came flooding through the door, hungry for our flesh.
…Worry not, for with arts as dark and mysterious as the with who casts them, Lilura did roast their hides. By powerful jaw did Lemm’s mighty canine rip tear them asunder. The good captain held them at bay and Crow made up for her earlier error with drawn steel. Yes even your humble narrator did join the fray, inspiring courage and bombarding them with mighty spells of my own….well somewhat mighty….a tad mighty….okay, not really mighty at all but impressive nonetheless.

Not deafened ear nor ever growing number
will save these wretches from eternal slumber…

The undead having been dispatched we ventured down into the cove where we spied a man sitting alone by a fire. Of course, good Captain Rusila, not deaf like the mighty Crow, was able to surmise that more than a dozen pirates and knaves did await us….bows cutlasses at the ready with even two mighty Ogres carrying clubs. While Lemm and his mighty canine steed returned to the house to gather our crew the rest of us discussed how to best defeat these rogues.
Lilura, cunning as she was, did transform herself into the very image of the dark wench we slew just the day before and headed over to draw them out. A grand plan but hastily concocted as the rest of us scrambled to ready ourselves. Crow vanished with the aid of a potion, while I and the stealthier of our crew did vanish without the need of such tricks. Off to the shadows we did go to await Lilura’s word and spring into action.
With great skill, our witch did convince the man by the fire (a captain it would seem) that she was indeed the rightly slain dark cleric.
Unfortunately it was with less skill that own good Captain was able to hide, alerting the fiends to our presence.
With mystic word the Ogres did grow, with battle cry the brigands did charge…

Our hearty crew earned their pay that day, with crossbow and blade. Crow, after slicing a man nearly clean in half, took on a rampaging Ogre single handed. Lemm directed bolts and Torvals mighty bites amongst any one fool enough to face him. Lilura lulled archer after archer to sleep, making them easy meat for Rusila to dispatch. I, too, did show my quality by casting many a spell, making me nigh on unhittable….all while carrying a rousing tune to spur our men to even greater feats. Yes indeed, with the aid of our hearty crew we did fell the brutes and slew every last pirate.
As for the wizard captain himself….

The Witch did give pursuit but on the ship he waited. Upon stepping foot on the deck she
found herself entangled by black tentacles of the darkest magic, as if he had summoned some foul beast of the deepest darkest seas. Crossbow bolts from crew and Quartermaster could do very little against such a foe who did call down sleet and snow upon them. Even my own spells sent to silence the blaggard were humbled when he did take to the sky and flew to the bow. It was then that Rusila once more earned her place as our Captain by swinging from the rigging, avoiding all his foul tentacles, to cleave into the man and throw him over board….the wizard will plague us no more.

Rogues hid in darkness. Ogres tall as towers.
Lots of blood and glory and now the ship is ours.
Brigands could not stop us, nor magic dark and cold.
Once yours, now ours…we heroes, fine and bold.



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