Blood Tides

Blood Tides 2 - STEPHEN ADD :)

While we are back looking around in the Harbor Master’s office Lemm hears screams down the street. He looks and sees zombie skeleton hordes attacking a couple with halfwit militia trying to help.

After some deliberation, we go to help. We attack!

After everyone but Lilura helps to eradicate the skeletons, we notice that they have the makings of being sailors or fishermen. Hmm, they are water-logged like the other zombies.

A few of us recall that there were recently 3 ships broken up on the reef outside the harbor with no survivors and no bodies discovered. They all broke up within the last month.

Lemm sees in one of the books he’s got from Clough’s office that one of the ships was the Sea Sprite. It was carrying silks and regular trade goods. Another, a Talden ship, was called the Osprey. It was carrying lumber and finished iron, which is a very valuable commodity. Not sure what the Chilaxian ship was carrying. No entry for that one. (They’re horrible people, slavers, and Harbor Master Clough was writing in Chilaxian in that magicky journal.)

Rusila leaves us saying “I’m sick of this shit.”

It’s almost dawn, so I’m going back to my place to go to sleep at Crabbe’s. Lemm also stays there, as does. Rusila. Gaeron stays in a shack outside of town.

Rusila asks to stay with Lilura, then says I need to go downstairs and drink with her. We eventually get some sleep. When we awake, we meet Lemm downstairs where he’s having fish stew for breakfast. Rusila drinks with him. We decide to go to the docks because we think the zombies are from the broken-up ships.

At the docks we see Gaeron. Lilura asks Lemm to go get Gaeron. She spied a gentleman working on his boat and goes to speak with him. She asks to come aboard and Jeb says yes, he’s mending his net. She inquires what would make such a hole and touches (Touch of Idiocy) his shoulder, asking about the hole but then asking if we could borrow his boat for a spell. He says sure and points out a leak. I tell Rusila that Jeb says that we can use his ship but perhaps he should come and bale while we use it, as it appears that he may have heatstroke.

We get out to the reef where there’s the ruins of an old shipwreck in that’s been there for some time. I see my baby sea drake, Anguis, he dives into the water and says “Don’t like the water here. Not healthy.” I ask him why it’s unhealthy and tell him I’ll be quick. Ask him if there’s anything I can do to protect self/comrades. He replies “All dead here.” Baby sea drake doesn’t know what’s dangerous, just that it is.

With Anguis’ help, Liliura spies the 3 shipwrecks and points out the closest one in the shallowest water to Rusila, who then prepares us go into the water.

“All dead here. No life. Water sick. Bad magic here.” I detect lots of necromantic magic in the area. I don’t think it’d be a problem to go into the water but I get the impression that someone’s been casting widespread necromantic spells to raise the dead.

Rusila and I go into the water. It appears that the ship ran into the reef. Rusila goes into the aft compartment (the poopdeck). I then see 4 figures walking from the fore (?) part of the ship. I swim deeper to get to Rusila, which means that I have to go into the ship and then down the ladder. Lilura tries to Evil Eye the dude and then get to Rusila and then tries to affect the skeleton that’s on Rusila. Not so much with the helping. Rusila is kicking ass!

Lemm is climbing on the old shipwreck and is attacked by 2 zombies!

Gaeron is on the rocks/reef and is attacked by zombies, too! What is up with all these zombies?!

Lilura gets her ass kicked by 2 of the zombies that come after her. She swims past and into the room and out the porthole to get to the surface. She asks Anguis to stay behind and help Rusila. Casts Marid’s Mystery through Anguis to help Rusila.

Eventually Rusila bails, too. When Lilura gets to the top of of the water, she hears noise of fighting. She then sees Gaeron fighting a felled zombie and Torval 7 down but moving. She casts Fog Cloud in the direction of the melee. She can’t see (Lemm). We barely are able to kill one zombie and decide to get the hell out there. Phew!

We exchange curse and information about Port Dagger (Besmara cursed, necromancer at old swamp watchtower).

We decide to go after Clough to find out who he’s in cahoots with. Rusila and Gaeron go to the front door and a portly woman answers and says Clough isn’t there. Lemm & Lilura go to the back and find a bedroom window to climb in. Lilura makes noise and Rusila helps mask it. Lemm looks for documents or the notebook (on Clough). Lilura looks for magical items.

54-scroll, 69
41-potion, 59
19-potion, 78
99-minor wondrous item, 97, 89, *87, 37
22-potion, 86
39-potion, 94
5 spellcraft roles 14, 16, 17, 22, 26… Succeeded on 4 roles!
1 potion-cure light wounds
2 potions – don’t know what they are
1 potion – bull strength
1 scroll – 2nd level spell
1 minor wondrous item – type 5 Necklace of Fireballs (4 beads 1-3d6 fireball, 1-5d6 fireball, 1-7d6 fireball, 1-9d6fireball)

The house lady goes outside so we search the rest of the house. Lemm finds a secret compartment. He opens it and ‘sproing!’, he is stung by poison needles. Inside the compartment is 100 gold trade bars ($500 gp) with the symbol of Cheliax on them. Word has it that they are demon-worshippers. (Lilura pockets the gold, Lemm is not interested.)

Rusila & Gaeron went to the Harbor Master’s office with the housekeeper. They get there and Clough is there. Gaeron tries to punch him. He calls for guards & 4 guys with truncheons. They both get beat down and are unconscious (even after Rusila healed Gaeron enough to get up again). They’re hauled off to the jail.

Lemm & Lilura get to the City Hall, when they can’t find the others. It’s where the mayor’s office & Harbor Master’s office are,. They see some guards coming out trying to get rid of some mist that was billowing out of the City Hall. Lilura asks them what happened. They say these two weirdos attacked the Harbor Master. Lilura runs in saying ‘oh my goodness, is the Harbor Master okay?’ The guards pursue. She doesn’t see R & G and gets to the HM’s office. She asks him if he’s okay, he’s got a squished nose and is being assisted by a healer. He relates what happened and she says ‘Thank the gods it wasn’t zombies, the last time I saw mist like that it was caused by zombies. She leaves, passing the guards saying, ’it’s okay, he’s okay’.

End scene.

Blood Tides 1 - Meet our adventurers
Miscreants? or Heroes in the making?

Port Dagger, like a freeport, pirates dock here but don’t necessarily fly pirate flags. Horseshoe-shaped harbor, jagged reef (dagger reefs) which is navigable to enter the harbor.

Lilura goes to the port to set up her tattoo business. She sees Lemm and goes over. They’re checking out the goings on. We see Rusila coming off a ship in the harbor, The Merry Prankster. We also see Harbor Master Clough was being weird and watching Rusila, making notes in a journal. It doesn’t seem to be harbor master business. Lilura tries to sneak around him to see what’s in the book. Lemm also sneaks a look overhead. We saw magic symbol on each page of his notebook.

We eventually see Gaeron, who Lilura knows. She’s tattooed him before and he asks her to do a new one on the back of his bald head. She tattoos a sea and cliffscape. She has tattoo equipment but if you pay close attention or out of the corner of your eye, you might notice that occasionally she forgets to use the tattoo needle and it appears that she uses her finger/nail.

We go to eat at The Scale & Ale.

Rusila goes to The Bucket of Blood and finds out that there’s a dead barmaid Marissa from the Fest Hall. She was a nice lady and was bludgeoned to death.

Lemm & Lilura play Gaeron to convince him that the Harbor Master is up to no good because he’s all lawful and shit. We’re shenanigan monsters.

We went to break into his office. He was there but left. We tried to break into a safe we found but it was rigged to explose, so people got hurt.

We hear a scream outside. A girl is being attacked by zombie skeletons! We all went outside to help her. Lemm & Gaeron attack from the street. Lilura pulls out a double-barreled pistol and shoots from the window before running out.

Our intrepid heroes subdue the zombies.

Gaeron saw a crab in one of the skulls of the skeletons. He communes with the crab. (Say, wha?!) He takes the skull from the body and wears it around his belt, so the hermit crab can still have his home.

We go back up to the office and Lemm breaks in and finds some notebooks, but we do not find the one the Harbor Master was writing in.

Blood Tides 0 - The adventure begins...

A lute strums in a darkened corner of the tavern, a few folk look up from their drinks at the bard walking towards the common room fire.

“Good people gather around and I will tell you a tale of warriors and witches…of rogues, riches, and rare beauty…of cunning and cuttthroats…of the walking dead and evil lurking in the dark…of blood upon a blade and of blood upon the tide.

Come good people, gather around and hear this tale…."

from JiB:
Attached please find the background information for our game. I hope this will give everyone enough information to get started. If anyone has questions, please feel free to ask.

If everyone would please send to me the following:

1. Character concept & description (If you have it) – I don’t need anything exotic just a starting point.
2. Please roll 1d6 and then roll 1d12 that number of times and send to me the numbers that you generate. You might get something in return. :)
3. Once we have the character concepts I’m going to ask you to create bonds with two of the other characters. These can be one sided or bilateral. Please feel free to discuss amongst yourselves, the only thing I would ask is to be included in the conversation. :)

12 days to game day … Wheeeeeeeee !!!


Port Dagger –

Somewhere on the coast of the inner sea, sits a smallish port city named for the knifelike reefs that guard the entrance to its otherwise sheltered harbor. It’s a pleasant enough place for a seaside city where pirates are known to make port and nobody seems to mind. People go about their normal lives, carrying on from day to day. Home to perhaps 1500 full time residents and another couple of hundred transients from whatever ships are in port plus the normal flotsam and jetsam that wash up in port cities everywhere. Nestled between the arms of a valley, Port Dagger is sheltered from most of the really terrible weather that sometimes plagues the coastal regions of the inner sea. If one were to follow the winding path of the river back into the valley one would find a mix of lush jungles and rich farmlands. Closer to the city a stretch of swamps both borders the city and prevents easy access to the city from inland.

Port Dagger is home to a broad range of racial and cultural folk as people find their way to the city from all over. As a rule, most people tend to accept the oddities of other races or cultures as part of the nature of the city. Though tensions and violence may erupt at any time it is not common. Though half-orcs can rub elbows with elves in Port Dagger it does not mean that it is a safe place for the unwary. All manner of dangers may find prey among those who cannot see to their own defenses.

From a religious standpoint, the devout can find shrines to most of the more commonly found gods of Golarion, though some may be well hidden. The “abbey” is a church devoted to (?) and most of the citizens pay at least some respect to (?) despite their personal beliefs.

Hambis Galfor, Governor, rules the city of Port Dagger at present nominally in the name of Taldan, though rumor has it that the city at one time or another has paid some homage to other kingdoms. In point of fact Port Dagger is largely independent of the influence of the other kingdoms and largely manages its own affairs. The troops of the garrison wear the uniforms of Taldan, though many believe that uniforms of other kingdoms remain hidden away in the fort. Squads of soldiers from the garrison patrol the streets of Port Dagger by day and night mostly keeping order and breaking up fights. The last true danger to the city came in the form of a lizard man incursion from the swamps 15 years ago that lead to the building of the wall that surrounds the city blocking away the swamps. The garrison includes 100 soldiers (mixed pike men and musketeers), at any given moment 18 of them will be patrolling the city and another 20 will be manning the various outposts and watches along the wall and the gates.

It is a known and accepted fact that pirate ships make port at Port Dagger. This is not particularly troublesome to the people of Port Dagger because: firstly, they don’t cause more trouble than any other sailors do when they’re in port, and secondly, they don’t advertise that they are pirates. In other areas of the Shackles pirates may operate more openly, but here on the borders between the Shackles and the rest of the Inner Sea they are a bit more circumspect. Other countries, Chelliax in particular, have tried to take over the city in an effort to gain a foothold in the region, but so far nothing has taken hold. The governor pointedly takes no notice of what flag may be flying from the main mast when they make port. As long as their moorage fees are paid it isn’t his concern. (Note: Pirate ships do not openly display their pirate colors in Port Dagger)

The characters either grew up in Port Dagger, or arrived here long enough ago to have learned their way around and to become familiar with local customs. They have become somewhat known within the community and unless otherwise noted have been accepted. Meaning unless there’s a reason for them to do so they will not look at you strangely when you walk down the street. The characters have some knowledge of each other, and have likely had at least some interaction.

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