Tiefling Ranger



Level 8 Besmaran Ranger

STR – 14
DEX – 18
CON – 14
INT – 12
WIS – 14
CHA – 11


Crow was born in Cheliax and was initially accepted and loved by her family. However, as Crow grew from infancy into childhood, her infernal Tiefling qualities began to become more and more apparent, her mother shunned her and cast her aside to be sold as chattel, her existence to be one of slavery and servitude, her name never to be spoken again.

Crow was sold multiple times, often due to violent outbursts and her predilection for running away. Eventually, she was sold to a named Carribus Finn, a cruel and sadistic slaver/pirate, and and captain of the Murderous Return. With nowhere to run aboard the ship and out upon the Inner Sea, Crow spent years at the mercy of Captain Finn and his equally sadistic crew before she was finally able to escape during a storm that had damaged the ship and her cell. Crow was found days later, delirious and half-dead, floating upon some wreckage and brought aboard a small fishing boat headed for Port Dagger. Once she had regained her strength thanks to the charity of the fisherman who had rescued her, she set out from Port Dagger and began plotting her revenge.

Crow made her way in the world living off the land along the Inner Sea coast, working as a sellsword, and occasionally resorting to petty thievery when necessary. She eventually found her way back to Cheliax and on the trail of Finn and the crew of the Murderous Return. She recently allied herself with Rusila, Lilura, and Lemm, and later Osteval (::sigh::) in the hopes this crew will provide an opportunity to get revenge on Captain Finn.

Crow absolutely despises slavers, particularly human ones. She is driven by her lust for revenge against the Captain and crew of the Murderous Return, as well as a desire to once again feel accepted as a member of a family, no matter how dysfunctional.


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