Blood Tides

Blood Tides 8 - Death in Smuggler's cove.

A hero falls...

We enter the tunnel. It appears to be old. Rusila can tell that it looks like something has been dragged through here. She then suspects that this is a smuggling tunnel. They try to proceed stealthily. They do. Lilura is looking for treasure!

Lilura sees a silver filgree necklace. There is some minor magic on it, which she susses out after Rusila inquires. It’s stuck in some mossy stuff. She tugs at it and tries to dig it out. It dislodges along with the skull it was attached to. It then animates. Lilura eeps! It tries to attack her. She swings her pack at it.

There are then more animated skeletons. Rusila attacks one by trying to use Cure Light Wounds. It explodes into shards, wounding us. They try to attack. Attack of opportunity for Gaeron and Lilura.

Lilura uses Burning Hands and explodes all remaining 5 skeletons, which then exploded, sending shards or their bones into us. They’re about 50 years old. Nice dagger, nice boots that haven’t been affected by the ravages of time, Amulet of Protection 1. Find out Dagger of Wounding +2 (additional point of damage until they’re healed, once wounded from it). Boots of Striding +2 (2 Constitution). Gaeron calls dibs on the boots. Lilura explains to Gaeron that he can’t actually call ‘dibs’ on something that is in someone else’s possession. However, she notes, they appear to be just his size! The Captain remarks that he is barefoot, why would he want boots.

We proceed. After some time we enter into a cavern. The Captain tosses a rock in to light the cavern. Across the way are 2 guys with crossbows who then try to shoot at us. They miss Gaeron and narrowly miss Lilura, who has Robbs Amulet of Natural Armor +3 on, which she had plucked off of him when he was slumbered.

Rusila rushed up on the villains! She is then stabbed for her efforts. Gaeron tries to attack and critically failed, so he falls into a pit. Lilura casts Sleep on both of them, one of them falls asleep. Rusila tries to attack again and is hurt again. Lilura tries to shoot the one hurting the captain. She accidentally shoots the Captain. The Captain says to get the new one who’s shooting at her. That guy kicks the other guy awake. Gaeron attacks the other one. The Captain and Gaeron are beating those guys up. Lilura casts Misfortune at the Captain’s guy. She then casts Misfortune on the other guy. The guys are still getting beat. Lilura Dazes the one fighting the Captain. Rusila tells Gaeron to question him. (Which one?)

Apparently Lilura Dazed the other (Gaeron/Slumber) guy because the other guy was gutted like a fish and dead. I is confused. Seriously. He tried to run away. Gaeron smacked him. He’s down, unconscious.

The Captain wants to question him. Gaeron wants to search them. Lilura wants to move forward. She moves down the tunnel to a corner. Back with the guys, Gaeron determines that those guys don’t look like pirates, they seem to possibly be smugglers. They try to question him. He speaks a language we don’t understand. Rusila stabs him with the Wounding Dagger.

The tunnel forks. To the left it slopes down after 20’. To the right it goes up after 20’ and you can see light. Lilura goes to the right, not so stealthily. She is seen by a smuggler guy. She Charms him and says “Shhh…”. He does the pervy ‘pretty’ thing, she reminds him to be quiet. She beckons him to come closer to her. His name is Bob. He was bringing food to Ferd and Tarl, who are guarding from tunnel. Lilura sends Anguis in to see what’s up. She sees a number of pens with about 50 naked people of all races. There is a Ghoul guarding them. He is eating one of the not-resisting, still alive people. We ask Bob what’s up with the people. He said Captain Grady who is Chelaxian, is trading these people to the Chelaxians. It’s gross.

We all attack. Rusila slashes the ghoul across the mouth. Lilura casts Misfortune. The Ghoul tried to run. Lilura shoots him in the head (yay, crit!) and he is dead. Lilura gains 2 Grit. We grab the keys to start releasing the slaves in the pens.

The door bursts open. A humanoid creature comes in – octopus head and tentacle arms. Rusila slashes him and greyish ooky blood comes out. Lilura tries Misfortune which doesn’t work. The squid man is wearing putrid purple robes with silverish arcane symbols on it. Rusila is grappled. Lilura shoots at it with her other pistol. Gaeron attacks it and really hurts it. Rusila still can’t free herself. Lilura runs up to it to stab it in the brain through its eyeball with the Wounding Dagger from Rusila. Rusila is finally able to break free. Gaeron tries to taunt it. Crit Fail Gaeron is grappled but then freed. Lilura Touch of Idiocy. Rusila slashes him. Gaeron finally puts him down.

Examine the gross guy. No arcane stuff on him. The symbols are Chelaxian arcane symbols. It’s like Chull except not crab hands.

Go into the room the dude burst out of. Square room, bed, wardrobe, desk… There’s a human with mystical robes like the Octopus guy. He has a staff. Gaeron tries to hurt him but he’s difficult to hit (obscured). He lightning bolts us. Lilura Misfortunes him. The second time he doesn’t care. Gaeron tries to hurt him again but the wizard guy lightning bolts him! It’s bad. Gaeron and Rusila are really hurt. Gaeron appears to be dead! Rusila is down! Lilura casts Mad Hallucination and runs to Gaeron, grabbing his 2 potions of Cure Serious Wounds. He’s affected. He can’t act because he’s freaked out. Lilura runs to Rusila and gives her the potions of Cure and a potion of Bull Strength that she had. Rusila rises and slices open his stomach and then chops his head off, so he can’t come back!

The human dude was a wizard and had a bunch of magical stuff. Lilura goes to Gaeron and places him in a position of rest with his primary weapon. We take all the wizard’s stuff. Lilura checks the room. We find Headband of Alluring Charisma (Charisma +2), Winged Boots (Fly 3x day/5min, like Fly Spell +4 Fly checks), +3 Staff, 2 Potions of Etherealness, Scroll of Fireballs (5th Level Caster).

We gather Gaeron’s belongs and take him with us. He had Amulet of Armor +1, Belt of Incredible Dexterity +2, Bracers or Armor +1, Wayfinding Compas, Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds, Potion of Mage Armor, Potion of Owl’s Wisdom, Masterwork Steel Harpoon (cold/iron).

There are also doors to the right and left of this. The door off to the right is another chamber. It looks used. It looks like a woman’s chamber. We find personal stuff. We think this might be the captain’s room. We can tell that she doesn’t seem to be human from the contents of the room. There are ties to Orcs, maybe she’s a Half-Orc. It doesn’t look like she spends a huge amount of time here. The door to the left leads to an underground harbor. There is a ship, about 50 guys. We see no flag. No cargo is currently being loaded. Guys there are hustling like they’re preparing for a journey. We think maybe they’re transporting the 50 people in those pens. (We’re releasing them before we take off.) The ship is sleeker of bow than the other ship we did have. (We’re not sure if we sold that ship or not.) It’s got 3 masts and details to come. One problem, it’s a sailing ship in a cave with no wind. Rusila has spells for that.



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