Blood Tides

Blood Tides 7 - STEPHEN ADD :)


GM doesn’t remember what happened exactly and I took crap notes, so it is decided that there were 4 guys in the tree but 2 are subdued, and there are 4 guys in the brush/forest that are still attacking us.

Lilura does Burning Hands to start the tree with the dudes on fire. No resistance for the Enthrall & Command dudes, but the others can save. But not the tree. Poor, tree.

Lemm &Torvil are attacking the guy who was trying to beat them. Gaeron ripped one of the guys out of the tree. Then 3 guys from the ground are trying to attack him. Rusila is still trying to use the horses as a shield and bring them through the forest, past the fire. They horses aren’t having it. Rusila tries to intimidate them. She does so. Very well. The horses are demoralized.

There should still be one guy on the ground and 3 guys burning to death in the tree. Gross.

Lilura shoots at the guys attacking Gaeron a couple of times. Everybody is fighting. Rusila is really trying to get control of the horses, but they start to run off. Lillura casts Daze and 3 of the 4 horses stop and are dazed.

Finally all the guys are dead except for 1 that Gaeron begins to question. He said that there were 20 bandits but not anymore. He said the leader is a guy named Robbs. He wants them to just harry travelers but they’re only supposed to attack Chelaxians. There’s a secret handshake! Robbs has a girlfriend Scarlet that owns a tavern in town. They recruit when they find down-on-their-luck guys and recommend them to Robbs.

We get to the manor house and sneak over a wall. Lemm climbs up the sea cliff. Torvil creates a distraction. We bypass the guard house with 6 dudes in it. Lemm gains access to the kitchen and Robbs is there with Scarlet. They start attacking each other. Robbs is hard to hurt. He hurts Lemm. Lemm whistles to Torvil. We hear it and everyone makes for the kitchen. Robbs is fighting Lemm. Scarlet is fighting and turns out to be magical. She is beating up Gaeron and has a magical hand. She’s a pain. Robbs is really tough even though Lemm’s kicking his butt a little bit. Lilura can’t Slumber him. She can’t even Evil Eye Scarlet. She is finally able to cast Touch of Idiocy on Scarlet and Slumbers Robbs. Scarlet runs off. Torvil can’t find her. That’s a little strange. She probably did some wiggly-fingers.

The guards break in. Lilura Bluffs them into thinking that she will slit Robbs’ throat if they come closer. They run off. They always run off.

Necklace (Amulet of Natural Armor +3), armor (studded leather), very well-made longsword, dagger. He looks way more well kept than he should be. He also appears to be Talden, maybe a Talden spy.

Lilura goes to examine the room where Robbs has been sleeping. She finds a nook with a magical-looking chest and book. It appears that he has installed himself in the master bedroom. Detect Magic shows that they are magical. They don’t appear to be trapped but she goes to the top of the stairs to call Rusila and Lemm. Lemm checks for traps an all looks good.

Use scroll of revelation from Harbormaster Clough’s apartment. It isn’t Common but I can read it as such. It reports on supposed Chelaxian agents, and that someone in the area is smuggling something.

The Captain wants to question Robbs. She asks what he’s involved in. He finally admits that someone from Cheliax is smuggling stuff in. Doesn’t know where or what, thinks it’s from somewhere around this house. It seems that they’re bringing it in from the sea and carrying it over from Cheliax.

Robbs claims that when they came upon the manor it was deserted and everyone is gone. He claims he’s a good guy. He tells us to check in the back of the neck of his armor. In that spot is a Taldan seal, like if he’s a Taldan agent.

Gaeron asks about Solara. Robbs says she’s got a lot more money than what this place would put out.

Rusila decides that we should let Robbs go. He says that the others will go away, they’re not bad guys. Lilura leaves the group to go examine the master bedroom futher. She takes the book and chest (with magical quill and ink) with her.

He wants the book back. Rusila says we don’t have a lot of moral fiber. Give a guy in town the password Blue Falcon and he’ll give us the contents of a chest with a merchant in town. He says it’s worth way more than the book. He tells Gaeron that he’s going back to Taldon.

Rusila asks Lilura if she’ll give up the book. Lilura says okay but spells her own journal so that when anything is recorded in that book (sent or received) she will be able to read it in her book.

Lilura is sure that there must be other stuff then, so she goest to look further. She finds a panel and calls Lemm. He’s sure that it’s not trapped and opens it. It releases corrosive gas. Lemm goes down. Lilura is hurt a bunch and screams for Gaeron and Rusila. They help heal her and Lemm. There’s a box, some books, and a key. Lilura wants to open the box. Lemm is now awake. He can’t open it. Lilura sees the flask of corrosive acid and burns the lock off. They poke the lid off with Gaeron’s harpoon. There’s about $2000 gp worth of gems in there. We’re rich! The books: one is a ledger. It’s in Infernal in characters, but they’re not assembled in any language that Lilura knows. Another is a spell book!

Gaeron goes to look elsewhere and finds a panel that looks like a hidey-hole in the cellar. He calls for Lemm, who adeptly opens the lock on the panel. There is a passage cut in the stone of the cliffside.



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