Blood Tides

Blood Tides 6 - STEPHEN ADD :)


Captain – Rusila
Carpenter/Surgeon – Rufus (Lvl 2, Human)
ABS – Pablo Escobar (commoners)
Quartermaster – Lemm
Rigger – Black Jack Sue (Half-Aquatic Elf, female, ranger, Lvl 2)
Mate – Able Seaman (Lvl 1, ???, fighter)
Sailing Master/Navigator (First Mate) – Gaeron
Boatswain/Bosun – Bruce O’Malley (Lvl 2, Human, bard)
Mate – Ivan Ironsail (Lvl 1, Dwarf, fighter)
Master Gunner/Ship’s Wizard – Lilura
Gunner’s Mate – Gruk (Half-Orc, Linnorn, norse-ish, barbarian, Lvl 2)
ABS – Clem Entine

Cabin Boy – ?
Powder Monkey – ?

Swab/Swabbie – ?
Cook – ?

We want to try to sell the ship, and we try to figure out how to make money. Oh wait, we have a ship! We should get a job and get cargo. Where to find a job? Lilura’s father told her that a ship could find work at a port side tavern. The GM asks if we want to find work…

Lilura says ‘But of course! We are pirates! We should just reappropriate someone else of their cargo." Rusila makes the valid point that our ship is less than a threat. Lilura says that’s a brilliant idea, captain! We can seem less than fit for the sea but appear also as if we have valuable cargo, then take them and their cargo by surprise.

There is discussion of press-ganging crew. We decide to hire crew after all. Rusila makes a seamanship role to determine the fitness of the crew. We have an excellent crew! (28) We now have a crew of 25.

We are told that an old lady Solara needs some bandits cleared from her home. She is willing to pay us $100 gp. We want more. Rusila talks her into $1500. Lilura & Gaeron think once they oust the bandits, they will be in possession of the house and could sell it to Solara or someone. We get half the money up front.

We are attacked on the way to the lady’s house by some hidden bandits. It’s pretty dicey. Peoples gets hurt. Lilura commands one of them and says to stop hurting her friends and her. Lemm does a sneaky attack. Gaeron goes to pound some heads. Lilura enthralls a bunch of them.

game cut short…



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