Blood Tides

Blood Tides 4 - STEPHEN ADD :)

Buff Plug, we hardly knew ye...

We were watching zombies attack people and drag living and dead people to the water. The harbor master’s guards are dragging his body away. Flash to a minute earlier when Rusila attacked him, and Lemm & Rusila were mixing it up with his guards. While they were all occupied, Lilura lifted the journal off Harbor Master’s body. At this point, we’re still up in town near the Rose & Anchor where we were staying.

Gaeron had made his way onto a ship and zombies were coming up the gangplank!

Zombies are coming after us, too! Rusila yells to head to the docks. As we head down we are besieged by zombies. We try to dodge and weave them but we are somewhat injured. We get down there just in time to see Gaeron on the Merry Prankster going all ape-shit on some zombies.

Lilura sees out on the reefs, on Dead Man’s Reef in particular, a bunch of zombies pulling inert bodies out of the water. There is an eerie green light nearby. She’s seen that before, it was the eerie green of the necromantic water. She yells to everyone. Lemm yells “Hey, Gaeron already has a boat!” There are still 2 zombies on the gangplank.

Rusila says to get a more reasonable boat because this one needs 20 crewman. Lilura yells for nearby able seaman to ‘quick, get on the boat, we’ll get out to sea’. They are all distracted by fighting off zombies, so she throws a 3d6 fireball into a crowd of zombies, hoping to distract everyone and then get their attention to get on the boat. WTF.

Gaeron continues to fight off the zombies. Rusila & Lemm are running towards the ship, Lilura is a bit behind. Gaeron comes to get her. Gaeron shouts for Able & Ivan (some NPCs) to man the ship.

There aren’t enough dudes to sail the ship yet, and Lilura notices the able crewman Bruce O’Malley. He grew up on the sea, is a master of the sea shanty (zing! Bard), and a swordsman with a cutlas. He is fighting 3 zombies. Lilura runs to get him and Gaeron runs with her. Lilura tries to shoot them, and Bruce & Gaeron do the stabby-stabby. 2 zombies go down. We run from the 3rd and Gaeron finally puts him down.

We run for the ship where Rusila has been trying to make with the ship getting out to sea. Ivan, Able, Bruce, and Buff Plug are following Rusila’s orders. A group of townsfolk, including the merchant & his wife & 2 kids, gather at the gangplank. Gaeron cuts the gangplank down. Sad face. Only Lemm sees.

We try to leave port but feel a significant drag on the ship. Gaeron understands that this is similar to when barnacles, a lot of them, would cling to the hull of the ship. Lilura understands that they are surrounded by necromantic magic! Gaeron thinks that the undead are clinging to the hull.

The rudder also appears to not be working. Buff & Gaeron go to the stern of the boat to poke at it. Lilura tries to bless water, which is going to be super-stupid.

Gaeron yells that there’s Sahaugin on the stern! They attack! We attack them with our crew! Some of the crew are dead, like #4 and #6, who the Sahaugin skewered. Poor, #4 and #6, they didn’t even get names.

The Sahaugin kick our ass but we eventually kill them all with the aid of the crew. We lost Buff and a bunch of NPCs. Rusilla is trying to steer the ship but it’s being pulled towards Dead Man’s Reef. There’s the hitting with belaying pins, cutting, shooting of bullets and arrows, and throwing 1 flask of holy water. A lotta action.

We realize that there are still Sahaugin pulling on the rudder, steering us towards the reef. We throw a 5d6 fireball at them. They’re all killed or injured and swim to the island.

Clem and Pablo are left of the NPCs. (More names!) It sucks, there are 10 crewmen left counting us. There are still 8 civilians left, also.

Able & Ivan tell us that the captain’s name was Barnabas Jones. He had been pulled down into the water by the undead. Gaeron had gone to the captain’s quarters. He discovers that the the ship had just picked up mundane items.

Rusila is the new captain! We rest, heal up, rest, sail to the nearest port 2-3 days away. We need to try fix the rudder, which tool 17 fire damage with the last attack. Lilura works as much as possible to make holy water ‘potions’. She is able to make 10 (Rusila-2, Gaeron-2, Lemm-3, Lilura-3).

quiver of unending arrows (Lemm)
2 flintlock pistols with ammunition (Lilura)
navigator’s compass—Wayfinder (Gaeron)
charts of the Inner Sea (on ship)
logbook (on ship)
chest with 500 gp (100 gp each, 100 gp to the ship’s funds)
The Merry Prankster, ship worth 30,000 gp

Bruce was a bosun. One of the town people, Rufus, was a carpenter. Able & Ivan are senior ship guys. Clem and Pablo are new. 6 other civilian personnel who are useful. One of them, Marta, is a cook, who doesn’t stay with us when we get to the next port.

Captain – Rusila
Quartermaster – Lemm
Sailing Master/Navigator (First Mate) – Gaeron
Master Gunner/Ship’s Wizard – Lilura
Gunner’s Mate – Gruk (Half-Orc, Linnorn, norse-ish, barbarian, Lvl 2)
Boatswain/Bosun – Bruce O’Malley (Lvl 2, Human, bard)
Carpenter/Surgeon – Rufus (Lvl 2, Human) Jason
Mates – Able (Lvl 1, ?, fighter), Ivan (Lvl 1, Dwarf, fighter)
ABS – Clem, Pablo (commoner)
Rigger – Black Jack Sue (Half-Aquatic Elf, female, ranger, Lvl 2)
Cabin Boy – ?

Powder Monkey – ?
Swab/Swabbie – ?

Cook -

We land in Port Haven. The Captain accidentally crashes into their dock. The Harbor Master comes down and is pissed. He wants someone to pay for the dock. We try to talk him out of it: Rusilla (diplomacy, intimidation), Lilura (charm, touch of idiocy-Wisdom). We succeed.

We need crewmen because all the random townspeople left. Lilura works to figure out what the other 2 potions from Clough’s office were. They are potions of cure moderate wounds (Rusila-1, Gaeron-1).

Lemm goes to scout out other ships. He finds one with 2 amazing guns that are kind of like gigantic versions of Lilura’s gun. The Sea Sprite, a Taldon coastal runner. The Sea Sprite has sailed. Ask around, those guns are unusual.

Rusila and Lilura go out to get crew members. We find Black Jack Sue and Gruk.

Lilura tries to read Clough’s journal and can’t make it out. She brews a potion of Comprehend Language. She can make out that there are 3 columns:

thing good :) bad :(

It is a code book for a Chelaxian spy. Inside there’s a letter, pretty sure it’s from Clough, talking about returning Port Dagger to the Chelaxians. The language was demonic. Some of the things listed are: infiltrate the government, infiltrate the garrison, muck up the trade so that people lose faith in the Taldon government. It appears that Port Haven is next.

We try to decide what high-ranking official we should try to loop in. Gaeron says that we should go to the Temple of Gozreh. There’s a very well-regarded monk there. Gaeron wants to go there to see Mortimer the Abbot. Mortimer reads the journal and sees the problem with Cheliax. He doesn’t see the tie with the supernatural elements. Lilura tries to persuade him. He thinks we should go back and help Port Dagger…



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