Blood Tides

Blood Tides 3 - STEPHEN ADD :)


Rusila & Gaeron are in jail. Lilura & Lemm decide it’s time for a jailbreak. Yay!

Talk our way past Bart, an old man at the City Hall. Lilura gives the guards the rum she brought for her ‘father, who’s in jail’. He drinks. Her mother has sent her to bring him dinner as he gets angry if they don’t bring him food. She thinks they’re so nice that they should have the rum. Mat falls right asleep but Lef does not.

Lemm slips by Bart who thinks he is a small child, the brother of “Penelope”, who’s here to visit her father. He then easily sneaks by the two guards who are sleeping or distracted. He gets to R & G’s cell. As he’s trying to pick the lock he’s heard. Lilura says ‘no, you mustn’t leave me! You must protect me!" to the guards. Dude says he must stop the jail break so she charms him.

Gaeron must then be talked into leaving as he is lawful, after all, and naive. Rusila gets him to leave to leave by coercing (strong-arming) him and telling him quarter-truths.

We escape but decide that we’re wanted and need to get the heck out of town. We get our stuff. Gaeron goes to his swamp shack to get his stuff. He encounters a bunch of zombies in the swamp, so he torches his shack.

We hear a bunch of stuff going on, zombies are attacking everyone and dragging them to the water! Gaeron heads down to the port, where there are zombies everywhere.

We’re thinking we need a ship, wondering if we need more of a crew. Don’t know if we should help the town.

Until next time…



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