Blood Tides

Blood Tides 10 - A song makes the undead go down easier...

Once more into the Den

Tavern tales from a sailor by the name of Abel Seaman led me, the bard Osteval Silvertongue, to a crew making trouble for the local chillaxan ruffians. With no love for Chillaxean scum and looking to refill my coffers after months of traveling through the countryside, I managed to talk my way into meeting the officers of this crew.
The crew had just returned from settling the affairs of Solara, one who will not be missed, and setting her accounts in their own name. They happened across me entertaining the tavern with song, which I ended with a flourish so that I might buy the officers a drink and become acquainted. Upon meeting them, cunning and beautiful as they were, I resolved to join their exploits….for riches and to immortalize them in song.

The first course of action was to transport a corpse…of course we were jumped by local thugs on the way out to a manor house. With some alluring music from the witch, some fancy footwork from myself, and some even fancier blade work the ruffians were dispatched handily. Some slight of hand managed to liberate the deceased gold from under the noses of my new crewmates but I earn my keep by providing A restful night’s sleep so that later we would be ready to venture into the under ground smugglers’ den.

From the shadows, the toughs thought they could not fail.
But with siren’s song and rapier point, of course we did prevail

Some sneaking through the once clear den found both the barracks and the slave pens full once again…now with undead. Eager to prove my worth I ventured into combat alone….attempting to take on the barracks single handed may not have been the best idea but the rest of the crew came to my aid. After gaining my second wind another blast of Thundering drums cleared the barracks.

Barricading the door behind us, to stop the now freed undead slaves, the crew headed into a room lit with some strange fire….which of course led us into another combat with yet more (and remarkably tougher) zombies and a dark cleric of some kind. After curses flying from both sides, several missed strikes…the crew emerged victorious.

Undead monsters come at us from left and to the right.
Violet fairie fire all around setting friend and foe alight.
A crimson cleric comes at us, our souls she wants to burn
She too falls before our blades, never to return

Lilura’s journal:
The Captain leads us to a tavern to stay after our defeat of Solara. (The townhouse may be too hot.) We carry out a caper in spectacular, entertaining style to change the ownership of Solara’s house to us! (Crow gets a cart, Lilura Bluff distracts a record keeper, Lemm forges a new ownership doc.)

Our big plan is to go back up to the manor house and get that pirate ship!

Able tells Captain that someone in town was asking about us, he seemed like a nice sort of fellow. Lilura says “Lemm, we’re getting famous! We’re acquiring a reputation! They’ll be writing lurid stories in the papers about us now!”

We go with the crew to the tavern. Lilura spies a handsome and charismatic bard, his name is Ostevel. She is disappointed that he probably doesn’t want to write stories about them for the papers, but he is a very, very good lute player! And he seems like a very nice man. After some small talk and an introduction to the Captain, Osteval joins our motley crew.

We decide to head out of town. Crow and Lemm are stealthing at the side of our cart but we are attacked in the streets by hidden men with crossbows. We attack right back. Lilura casts Nixie’s and begins singing a lovely song, causing all of the attackers save one to come out of hiding. Unfortunately, Crow is also enchanted by the seductive but inspiring song. They are quickly dispatched by our pirates, who discover that these men all have a tattoo of flaming dagger. It is a symbol of the street gang called the Fire Knives. Osteval searches the men and says that they had nothing on them.

Through the rain and woods, we finally arrive at the manor. Lilura goes directly upstairs to the master lady bedroom, flops on the bed, and goes to sleep. We get a full 8.

At sunset the next day, we enter the smuggler’s tunnel. Osteval goes forward and finds a barracks of some sort. Lemm goes to investigate the wizard’s room. Rusila, Crow, and Lilura stay behind and argue about whether to help Osteval. Just as we decide that we need to go with him, we hear drums! At that moment, Osteval finds a mess of creatures and casts his performance masterpiece Thundering Drums and comes running back to us.

About 15 zombies run after him with 3 cramming into the door frame where we all meet up. Osteval attacks the one on the left, as we are running up to him. He is getting pummeled by zombies! Lilura runs up and gives him a Potion of Cure Serious Wounds. The Captain also casts Cure Serious on Osteval. Lilura casts Evil Eye on #1 and then Misfortune on #2. They are all put down, literally, by Osteval when he once again casts Thundering Drums. They are prone. All dead!

Lemm then comes back from wizard’s room, where he has seen ZOMBIES! We certainly do not want to go there, so we proceed through the barracks and halls and doors we have not gone through yet. We at last come to another door. Lemm checks the door for traps, since there were traps on the other door. No traps. There is a discussion about opening the door and Lilura goes through. There is a tunnel to another door… Lemm checks It is certainly clear. Lemm opens this door, and he, Crow, and the Captain go through. Osteval readies his crossbow and Lilura peers in. No, Lilura recognizes that this is the Wizard’s room! Just as she sees that, the room also contains 8 zombies and that the 3 crew members in the room are covered with violet flames – Faerie Fire!

Osteval shoots a zombie and it does no harm. Wha?! There is attacking. And burning. Rusila makes for the door, followed closely by Lemm, then Crow. They attempt to fight off zombies who are spanking them. There is a lot of really funny stuff that happens and then a scarlet women (9th level death cleric) appears and does a touch attack that does Con damage to Rusila (Bestow Curse & Slay Living)! Crap. Osteval rushes in to save the Captain! It is not good in the Faerie Fire. There’s a lot of shenanigans, some good, some bad. The Scarlet Woman is a hella tough foe. Lilura ascertains that her power is divine (Wisdom), as she is able to resist Lilura’s hexes. The Captain is very hurt and the others are taking damages. Lilura sends Anguis in to carry out a spell for her – Touch of Idiocy (2x). Rusila then casts Water Wall, containing the woman in a wall of water. Lilura yells to the others to keep her alive and Commands the woman to Approach. Crow then slices her through and she collapses, dead.

Lilura goes to her to see if she can detect anything about the situation they are in. She determines that the woman is the lover of the captain of the pirate ship in the grotto. She is a Cleric of Urgathoa (excess, hedonism, disease, undead) & they are the Bluetooth pirates. She has on her +1 chainmail, dagger, light crossbow w/ 20 bolts, cloak of resistance +1, headband of wisdom +2, pearl of power (1st), ring of protection +1, bone holy symbol, onyx gems (500 gp), 162 gp.



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