Blood Tides

Blood Tides 12 - ???

We try to decide what crew roles we are. We try to decide base of operations. We try to decide whether to keep the house or how to keep the house or how to put it in our names. We aren’t much good at deciding really. The manor is owned by Solara’s family, who are Chelaxian nobility. The manor goes through their line or it reverts to the Chelaxian government. We ponder. We shall squat for the time being.

We find the name of the ship to be The Velour de Nuit (The Thief of Night). Nope, that won’t stand, it’s a little obvs.

We are investigating the ship. Lilura wanders down to the Captain’s quarters. There is a ward with necromantic magic on the hatch (door) and all of the ports (windows). Lilura casts dispel magic and walks into the room. On the poopdeck, Osteval is perusing his skin-job map. He detects treasure in the Captain’s quarters. It appears to be a chest. As Lilura enters the quarters she sees a chest which appears to have magic inside, and she calls out for everyone to come down just as Osteval enters.

Lemm checks out the chest and determines that everything’s chill but he has a nagging feeling that there’s a problem. Crow tells everyone to step back and shoots it with an arrow. The arrow glances off the chest, just nicking it in the process. Lilura checks for keys in the desk, but there are none. Lemm tries to pick the lock and the chest instantly animates into a Mimic with big pointy teeth! It shoots goo towards everyone. Everyone but Crow is able to dodge the goo stream. “Dammit, Crow!” Ostevel moans. Crow is sprayed with some nasty gooey stuff, and she is stuck to the Mimic, grappled. Oh no, not… Grappled!

Lemm tries to attack it with a dagger and is instantly stuck to it. Osteval boldly brandishes his rapier and attempts to puncture its resolve and construct-y body but is also stuck to the Mimic for his effots. Lilura tries to Slumber the Mimic but he says ‘Feh on your spell, witch!’ (not literally but figuratively). Everyone attempts to get unstuck or attack.

Lilura determines with her fancy alchemical knowledge that the Mimic is vulnerable to base chemicals or alcohol. Lilura has a flask of whisky on her and flings the contents on the Mimic, releasing Osteval and Lemm. The Captain attacks but is then stuck! Osteval determines that it is weakened due to its dousing with alcohol and pierces its alchemical heart. We Reflexify as the mimic explodes into explodey bits and most of us take half damage but the Captain is fully blasted at no small cost to her health.

In the wreckage after we find 60 gp ($10 each and $10 for ship), 12 platinum pieces (2 each and 2 for ship), harpoon (magical), Ring of the Grasping Grave (the wearer of ring can make a melee touch attack on undead creature cutting it off from undead energy), potion of Magic Vestment (gives non-magical a bonus), scroll of Mage Armor, Wand of Remove Fear (Osteval)…

We search the rest of the ship and ship’s logs. They had been attacking Taldan ships in the Inner Sea. We decide to remove the figurehead of the ship, so we are less recognizable. The Captain says that the figurehead should be of Besmara. When we look in crew quarters, we find a potion of Greater Magic Fang, a potion of Rage, scroll of Prestidigitation, a scroll of Mending, potion of Mirror Image (Lilura), scroll of Shadow Evocation, a Bag of Holding Type 3 (Lemm), scabbard of keen edges. (Crow). Boots of Haste (S8, Osteval). Potion of Invisibility (S11, Crow).

We go to town to sell the booty that we have that no one wants. Lilura selects an item from the booty that she thinks may have the most value, the 2 scrolls of Resist Energy (S11, Lilura).

The Captain and Lilura want to go after the Taldan ship. Crow wants to do piratey things and plague Chelaxian ships. Lilura tires of the debate and checks the Compass that Radiates Divination Magic for The Sea Sprite. It’s currently patrolling the waters of the inner sea, south and west of here, looking for pirates. She also checks her journal that is spelled to show her what’s in Robbs’ journal. It is empty and shows no information about The Sea Sprite. It shows no activity since the day she cast the spell. This seems quite odd. Is Robbs dead? Did he lose the journal he held with great import?

Before she can tell the Captain of her findings, Anguis comes to her and tells her that Crow was sending a communication to someone. Hmm, interesting… Lilura asks Anguis to obtain the communication and bring it to her. A short time letter Anguis returns with a letter. It is to Robbs, detailing our activities and stating that she’s going to try to convince all of us to harry Chelaxian shipping. Lilura asks to speak to the Captain in private, relating all of the information.

During this conversation, Osteval has wandered into town with Lemm and Crow. Crow wanders off on her own. Osteval and Lemm wander to the nearest nightlife establishment, where Lemm grabs the largest tankard of ale he can muster and Osteval begins to gamble with the locals, singing songs to them as he wins. And wins. And wins…

Back at the ship, the Captain gets word that the town is getting pretty pissed with this fancy Bard’s singing and bardic conning. The Captain and Lilura head into town. Just as they get to the tavern, the locals are heading to Osteval en masse to thrash him silly. The Captain and Lilura try to intervene. Lilura Slumbers one of the mob, as Rusila grabs Osteval’s money purse. There is more fighting and the tides of the battle ebb and flow. Rusila casts Obscuring Mist – there are still three guys up.

Osteval then takes matters into his own hands and casts a Cone of Fear, leaving the British guy cowering on the floor with his 2 friends shaken. The shaken pals still try to attack, one of them taking a poke at Rusilla. Lilura asks the gentleman, standing on the table, if he’s ever really noticed the color of his friends eyes, and the unsuspecting bloke is instantly filled with Unnatural Lust for his friend. He begins to move to him to try to kiss him passionately. Rusila and Osteval then finish the fight and we leave the tavern.

As we leave, we see Crow strolling down the street. The Captain and Osteval argue all the way back to the ship, when Lilura reminds the Captain that perhaps her anger over Osteval’s gambling shenanigans is misplaced. The Captain says “Yes!” and calls Crow out for her recent actions. Lilura cries out to Crow, “You took an oath! And the Captain even spelled you!”

Crow explains that she doesn’t care about Taldan or Robbs, it was a means to an end. She hates Cheliax and will see them burn! Lilura tries to explain to Crow that while her actions may have been noble, they were not very piratey. There may be honor among thieves and pirates but not in the actions of a do-gooder.

There is speculation that Robbs may be dead. The Captain does not really care but Lilura wonders if someone else may know or care of their actions. Crow said they made an arrangement because our actions suited both Robbs and her purposes. We wonder where Scarlet, Robbs wizardy girlfriend, is.

And finally, crew matters are settled and there is trustyish trust among our deviants once more. Osteval is the now the new First Mate, and Crow is the new Navigator.

As we get settled, ready to set out to sea after accomplishing our tasks in town, Lilura and Crow noticed that the ship’s stores are not secured properly. They are not seaworthy! The leave to confront Lemm on the disorder with the supplies. Lemm explains innocently, [O hai guise!] “I don’t actually have training, I just like stuff.” Aww, that’s our Lemm.

As we shift off to sea, we have 30,000 gold pieces as payment for the Merry Prankster. The townhouse is in our name, and we have a squat-worthy pirate base at the Manor House.

Blood Tides 11 - Further into the Smuggler's Den
The best laid plans of witches and folk who can't sneak...

So dear friends our tale continues…
We Awakened refreshed and ready for whatever horrors the smugglers’ cove may have held for us. We began to remove our blockades and prepared ourselves to delve ever deeper into danger….
Now it must be said, our intrepid ranger, while strong of arm and relentless in battle, does possesses some fault….mainly her left ear.
Not a soul on the other side of the door, said she…all clear, she declared with much authority.
Oh sweet and simple Crow, You could not be any more wrong.
Not a soul true….for the undead have no souls….and there were plenty of undead who came flooding through the door, hungry for our flesh.
…Worry not, for with arts as dark and mysterious as the with who casts them, Lilura did roast their hides. By powerful jaw did Lemm’s mighty canine rip tear them asunder. The good captain held them at bay and Crow made up for her earlier error with drawn steel. Yes even your humble narrator did join the fray, inspiring courage and bombarding them with mighty spells of my own….well somewhat mighty….a tad mighty….okay, not really mighty at all but impressive nonetheless.

Not deafened ear nor ever growing number
will save these wretches from eternal slumber…

The undead having been dispatched we ventured down into the cove where we spied a man sitting alone by a fire. Of course, good Captain Rusila, not deaf like the mighty Crow, was able to surmise that more than a dozen pirates and knaves did await us….bows cutlasses at the ready with even two mighty Ogres carrying clubs. While Lemm and his mighty canine steed returned to the house to gather our crew the rest of us discussed how to best defeat these rogues.
Lilura, cunning as she was, did transform herself into the very image of the dark wench we slew just the day before and headed over to draw them out. A grand plan but hastily concocted as the rest of us scrambled to ready ourselves. Crow vanished with the aid of a potion, while I and the stealthier of our crew did vanish without the need of such tricks. Off to the shadows we did go to await Lilura’s word and spring into action.
With great skill, our witch did convince the man by the fire (a captain it would seem) that she was indeed the rightly slain dark cleric.
Unfortunately it was with less skill that own good Captain was able to hide, alerting the fiends to our presence.
With mystic word the Ogres did grow, with battle cry the brigands did charge…

Our hearty crew earned their pay that day, with crossbow and blade. Crow, after slicing a man nearly clean in half, took on a rampaging Ogre single handed. Lemm directed bolts and Torvals mighty bites amongst any one fool enough to face him. Lilura lulled archer after archer to sleep, making them easy meat for Rusila to dispatch. I, too, did show my quality by casting many a spell, making me nigh on unhittable….all while carrying a rousing tune to spur our men to even greater feats. Yes indeed, with the aid of our hearty crew we did fell the brutes and slew every last pirate.
As for the wizard captain himself….

The Witch did give pursuit but on the ship he waited. Upon stepping foot on the deck she
found herself entangled by black tentacles of the darkest magic, as if he had summoned some foul beast of the deepest darkest seas. Crossbow bolts from crew and Quartermaster could do very little against such a foe who did call down sleet and snow upon them. Even my own spells sent to silence the blaggard were humbled when he did take to the sky and flew to the bow. It was then that Rusila once more earned her place as our Captain by swinging from the rigging, avoiding all his foul tentacles, to cleave into the man and throw him over board….the wizard will plague us no more.

Rogues hid in darkness. Ogres tall as towers.
Lots of blood and glory and now the ship is ours.
Brigands could not stop us, nor magic dark and cold.
Once yours, now ours…we heroes, fine and bold.

Blood Tides 10 - A song makes the undead go down easier...
Once more into the Den

Tavern tales from a sailor by the name of Abel Seaman led me, the bard Osteval Silvertongue, to a crew making trouble for the local chillaxan ruffians. With no love for Chillaxean scum and looking to refill my coffers after months of traveling through the countryside, I managed to talk my way into meeting the officers of this crew.
The crew had just returned from settling the affairs of Solara, one who will not be missed, and setting her accounts in their own name. They happened across me entertaining the tavern with song, which I ended with a flourish so that I might buy the officers a drink and become acquainted. Upon meeting them, cunning and beautiful as they were, I resolved to join their exploits….for riches and to immortalize them in song.

The first course of action was to transport a corpse…of course we were jumped by local thugs on the way out to a manor house. With some alluring music from the witch, some fancy footwork from myself, and some even fancier blade work the ruffians were dispatched handily. Some slight of hand managed to liberate the deceased gold from under the noses of my new crewmates but I earn my keep by providing A restful night’s sleep so that later we would be ready to venture into the under ground smugglers’ den.

From the shadows, the toughs thought they could not fail.
But with siren’s song and rapier point, of course we did prevail

Some sneaking through the once clear den found both the barracks and the slave pens full once again…now with undead. Eager to prove my worth I ventured into combat alone….attempting to take on the barracks single handed may not have been the best idea but the rest of the crew came to my aid. After gaining my second wind another blast of Thundering drums cleared the barracks.

Barricading the door behind us, to stop the now freed undead slaves, the crew headed into a room lit with some strange fire….which of course led us into another combat with yet more (and remarkably tougher) zombies and a dark cleric of some kind. After curses flying from both sides, several missed strikes…the crew emerged victorious.

Undead monsters come at us from left and to the right.
Violet fairie fire all around setting friend and foe alight.
A crimson cleric comes at us, our souls she wants to burn
She too falls before our blades, never to return

Lilura’s journal:
The Captain leads us to a tavern to stay after our defeat of Solara. (The townhouse may be too hot.) We carry out a caper in spectacular, entertaining style to change the ownership of Solara’s house to us! (Crow gets a cart, Lilura Bluff distracts a record keeper, Lemm forges a new ownership doc.)

Our big plan is to go back up to the manor house and get that pirate ship!

Able tells Captain that someone in town was asking about us, he seemed like a nice sort of fellow. Lilura says “Lemm, we’re getting famous! We’re acquiring a reputation! They’ll be writing lurid stories in the papers about us now!”

We go with the crew to the tavern. Lilura spies a handsome and charismatic bard, his name is Ostevel. She is disappointed that he probably doesn’t want to write stories about them for the papers, but he is a very, very good lute player! And he seems like a very nice man. After some small talk and an introduction to the Captain, Osteval joins our motley crew.

We decide to head out of town. Crow and Lemm are stealthing at the side of our cart but we are attacked in the streets by hidden men with crossbows. We attack right back. Lilura casts Nixie’s and begins singing a lovely song, causing all of the attackers save one to come out of hiding. Unfortunately, Crow is also enchanted by the seductive but inspiring song. They are quickly dispatched by our pirates, who discover that these men all have a tattoo of flaming dagger. It is a symbol of the street gang called the Fire Knives. Osteval searches the men and says that they had nothing on them.

Through the rain and woods, we finally arrive at the manor. Lilura goes directly upstairs to the master lady bedroom, flops on the bed, and goes to sleep. We get a full 8.

At sunset the next day, we enter the smuggler’s tunnel. Osteval goes forward and finds a barracks of some sort. Lemm goes to investigate the wizard’s room. Rusila, Crow, and Lilura stay behind and argue about whether to help Osteval. Just as we decide that we need to go with him, we hear drums! At that moment, Osteval finds a mess of creatures and casts his performance masterpiece Thundering Drums and comes running back to us.

About 15 zombies run after him with 3 cramming into the door frame where we all meet up. Osteval attacks the one on the left, as we are running up to him. He is getting pummeled by zombies! Lilura runs up and gives him a Potion of Cure Serious Wounds. The Captain also casts Cure Serious on Osteval. Lilura casts Evil Eye on #1 and then Misfortune on #2. They are all put down, literally, by Osteval when he once again casts Thundering Drums. They are prone. All dead!

Lemm then comes back from wizard’s room, where he has seen ZOMBIES! We certainly do not want to go there, so we proceed through the barracks and halls and doors we have not gone through yet. We at last come to another door. Lemm checks the door for traps, since there were traps on the other door. No traps. There is a discussion about opening the door and Lilura goes through. There is a tunnel to another door… Lemm checks It is certainly clear. Lemm opens this door, and he, Crow, and the Captain go through. Osteval readies his crossbow and Lilura peers in. No, Lilura recognizes that this is the Wizard’s room! Just as she sees that, the room also contains 8 zombies and that the 3 crew members in the room are covered with violet flames – Faerie Fire!

Osteval shoots a zombie and it does no harm. Wha?! There is attacking. And burning. Rusila makes for the door, followed closely by Lemm, then Crow. They attempt to fight off zombies who are spanking them. There is a lot of really funny stuff that happens and then a scarlet women (9th level death cleric) appears and does a touch attack that does Con damage to Rusila (Bestow Curse & Slay Living)! Crap. Osteval rushes in to save the Captain! It is not good in the Faerie Fire. There’s a lot of shenanigans, some good, some bad. The Scarlet Woman is a hella tough foe. Lilura ascertains that her power is divine (Wisdom), as she is able to resist Lilura’s hexes. The Captain is very hurt and the others are taking damages. Lilura sends Anguis in to carry out a spell for her – Touch of Idiocy (2x). Rusila then casts Water Wall, containing the woman in a wall of water. Lilura yells to the others to keep her alive and Commands the woman to Approach. Crow then slices her through and she collapses, dead.

Lilura goes to her to see if she can detect anything about the situation they are in. She determines that the woman is the lover of the captain of the pirate ship in the grotto. She is a Cleric of Urgathoa (excess, hedonism, disease, undead) & they are the Bluetooth pirates. She has on her +1 chainmail, dagger, light crossbow w/ 20 bolts, cloak of resistance +1, headband of wisdom +2, pearl of power (1st), ring of protection +1, bone holy symbol, onyx gems (500 gp), 162 gp.

Blood Tides 9 - A Crow descends...
Solara's true nature revealed

We go back to town. Rusila wants to go to the tavern that Robbs mentioned, The Shallows. There we meet the barkeep Omar Keefe. We mention Blue Falcon (symbol of Taldan) to him.

He says the captain must be a fan of rum. He brings us to a private room. A tavern wench brings food and drink to us. Captain casts Purify Food & Drink – we don’t know if we can trust this guy! Keefe comes back with a cask of ‘special’ rum and a small chest. The rum comes from a special island place with these big round shells. Inside the shell is this milky white liquid, it’s delicious.

Keefe says that Inside the chest there is a letter of marque from Taldan, 20 trade bars (200 gp value), compass (radiates divination magic).

The Captain discovers a shifty-looking Tiefling lurking nearby, spying on us. We ask her questions, her name is Crow. Lilura casts Mind Read and it seems Crow is telling the truth about what she says to us, that she’s just looking to join a crew and make some money. We tell her she has to swear an oath to the Captain. The Captain casts a spell on her so that if she is willfully lying, it will harm her.

While the rest of the crew is conversing, Lilura has a test of her own for Crow. She enters the main bar and says “Quick, they’re trying to steal a chest in that room!” to the most rough-and-tumble looking guys in the room. Four big guys go into the room and say “What are you doing, wench?” to the Captain. Oops. Crow casts a Shadow spell that darkens the room slightly. Lilura jumps to grab the chest and hide behind the table that the Captain overturned. One of the dumbest of the dudes goes after Lilura and the chest but misses grabbing it. Crow tries to attack the tavern roughs but misses. Lilura casts Misfortune on the simple man and trills a laugh which causes his misfortune to be longer lasting. Rusila turns into her badass Water Elemental form! There’s a lot of fighting and the tides finally seem to turn towards our piratey ‘heroes’. Lilura yells out “Wait, wait, it’s all been a mistake! Stop hurting the captain!” They stop fighting and run. The Captain was going to stop them but she cast ice armor. Crow smacks the last guy on the butt with her saber as they run out.

We get Hero points. Yay!

Lilura shows them the contents of the chest. She wonders if the compass answers questions. Rusila asks where is Taldan. The compass points in the direction of Taldan. Lilura asks where the greatest treasure is, then defines it as the best pirate shop of all. The compass points back to Port Haven, the Taldan navy ship! The manor is on the way there with the other ship. The Captain says we need to go take care of that women, Solara, who set us up.

We go to Solara’s town house. Rusilla starts to ask Solara pointed questions about what’s up with her being actually a bad guy. She seems to have a lot of money., plus she needs to pay us extra for Gaeron dying, that was part of the deal! The women feigns ignorance but Rusila tells her we know of the smuggler’s tunnel, the riches. She’s being sweet as pie to Rusila and Lilura but is being very cold to Crow. Crow spies a vase and realizes it’s a very expensive Chilaxian vase. She tries to pocket it. Lilura tries to cast Suggestion on Solara to get her to tell the Captain the truth. It fails and Solara realizes what’s up. Solara then casts a thick fog and it’s on! The Captain begins the fight for our team and casts Wind Wall with water. She’s still in water elemental form. Lilura tries to cast Misfortune on Solara which misses but Bouncing Spell sends it to a shadowy figure she noticed off to the side of the room. Stupid Solara casts Eye Bite on the Captain and later on Crow. Eye Bite sucks a whole lot. She then casts Baleful Polymorph and turns Crow into a gecko! (That’s gotta sting for our Tiefling.) The Troll, who was lurking in the shadows, gets Lightening Bolted and other stuff, then runs away through a window. Harumph! Lilura casts Burning Hands on Solara.and Rusila casts Wall of Water, imprisoning Solara behind the water. Lilura then casts Touch of Idiocy, etc. so she’s stupid and can die! I hate her! Lilura commands Solara to turn Crow back. She gives up after Rusila puts her in a Vortex of water.

Crow is finally turned back into Tiefling form but has a slight tinge of glittery teal due to her time as a gecko and she’s left with a little bit of scaliness. GM keeps saying she wants to lick her eyeball, which is kind of disgusting, even for a Tiefling.

There is loot! 2 potions Cure Moderate Wounds (2-Rusila), potion of Displacement (Crow), potion of Invisibility (Crow), Robe of Bones (3 bones) SELL, Masterwork dagger (Crow), amulet of natural armor +1 SELL, belt of Mighty Constitution +2 (Lilura), Cloak of Resistance +2 (Rusila).

Lilura searches for info on her smuggling operation but despite doing a very thorough search there is no information to be had. This woman was super sneaky. Rusila searches for other information and finds out that the wizard that killed Gaeron was Solara’s ally and the octopus dude was her minion. They sold slaves Cheliax, drugs to Taldan, anything to anywhere she could.

There is also a Masterwork heavy wooden shield SELL, potion of Sanctuary, arcane scroll of Floating Disc (Lilura), scroll of Cure Serious Wounds (Lilura), potion of Protection from Evil, arcane scroll of Haste (Lilura), 786 of gems/jewels, 2700 gp. TOTAL 3486 + SELL (including contents of house and her house) = ???

Blood Tides 8 - Death in Smuggler's cove.
A hero falls...

We enter the tunnel. It appears to be old. Rusila can tell that it looks like something has been dragged through here. She then suspects that this is a smuggling tunnel. They try to proceed stealthily. They do. Lilura is looking for treasure!

Lilura sees a silver filgree necklace. There is some minor magic on it, which she susses out after Rusila inquires. It’s stuck in some mossy stuff. She tugs at it and tries to dig it out. It dislodges along with the skull it was attached to. It then animates. Lilura eeps! It tries to attack her. She swings her pack at it.

There are then more animated skeletons. Rusila attacks one by trying to use Cure Light Wounds. It explodes into shards, wounding us. They try to attack. Attack of opportunity for Gaeron and Lilura.

Lilura uses Burning Hands and explodes all remaining 5 skeletons, which then exploded, sending shards or their bones into us. They’re about 50 years old. Nice dagger, nice boots that haven’t been affected by the ravages of time, Amulet of Protection 1. Find out Dagger of Wounding +2 (additional point of damage until they’re healed, once wounded from it). Boots of Striding +2 (2 Constitution). Gaeron calls dibs on the boots. Lilura explains to Gaeron that he can’t actually call ‘dibs’ on something that is in someone else’s possession. However, she notes, they appear to be just his size! The Captain remarks that he is barefoot, why would he want boots.

We proceed. After some time we enter into a cavern. The Captain tosses a rock in to light the cavern. Across the way are 2 guys with crossbows who then try to shoot at us. They miss Gaeron and narrowly miss Lilura, who has Robbs Amulet of Natural Armor +3 on, which she had plucked off of him when he was slumbered.

Rusila rushed up on the villains! She is then stabbed for her efforts. Gaeron tries to attack and critically failed, so he falls into a pit. Lilura casts Sleep on both of them, one of them falls asleep. Rusila tries to attack again and is hurt again. Lilura tries to shoot the one hurting the captain. She accidentally shoots the Captain. The Captain says to get the new one who’s shooting at her. That guy kicks the other guy awake. Gaeron attacks the other one. The Captain and Gaeron are beating those guys up. Lilura casts Misfortune at the Captain’s guy. She then casts Misfortune on the other guy. The guys are still getting beat. Lilura Dazes the one fighting the Captain. Rusila tells Gaeron to question him. (Which one?)

Apparently Lilura Dazed the other (Gaeron/Slumber) guy because the other guy was gutted like a fish and dead. I is confused. Seriously. He tried to run away. Gaeron smacked him. He’s down, unconscious.

The Captain wants to question him. Gaeron wants to search them. Lilura wants to move forward. She moves down the tunnel to a corner. Back with the guys, Gaeron determines that those guys don’t look like pirates, they seem to possibly be smugglers. They try to question him. He speaks a language we don’t understand. Rusila stabs him with the Wounding Dagger.

The tunnel forks. To the left it slopes down after 20’. To the right it goes up after 20’ and you can see light. Lilura goes to the right, not so stealthily. She is seen by a smuggler guy. She Charms him and says “Shhh…”. He does the pervy ‘pretty’ thing, she reminds him to be quiet. She beckons him to come closer to her. His name is Bob. He was bringing food to Ferd and Tarl, who are guarding from tunnel. Lilura sends Anguis in to see what’s up. She sees a number of pens with about 50 naked people of all races. There is a Ghoul guarding them. He is eating one of the not-resisting, still alive people. We ask Bob what’s up with the people. He said Captain Grady who is Chelaxian, is trading these people to the Chelaxians. It’s gross.

We all attack. Rusila slashes the ghoul across the mouth. Lilura casts Misfortune. The Ghoul tried to run. Lilura shoots him in the head (yay, crit!) and he is dead. Lilura gains 2 Grit. We grab the keys to start releasing the slaves in the pens.

The door bursts open. A humanoid creature comes in – octopus head and tentacle arms. Rusila slashes him and greyish ooky blood comes out. Lilura tries Misfortune which doesn’t work. The squid man is wearing putrid purple robes with silverish arcane symbols on it. Rusila is grappled. Lilura shoots at it with her other pistol. Gaeron attacks it and really hurts it. Rusila still can’t free herself. Lilura runs up to it to stab it in the brain through its eyeball with the Wounding Dagger from Rusila. Rusila is finally able to break free. Gaeron tries to taunt it. Crit Fail Gaeron is grappled but then freed. Lilura Touch of Idiocy. Rusila slashes him. Gaeron finally puts him down.

Examine the gross guy. No arcane stuff on him. The symbols are Chelaxian arcane symbols. It’s like Chull except not crab hands.

Go into the room the dude burst out of. Square room, bed, wardrobe, desk… There’s a human with mystical robes like the Octopus guy. He has a staff. Gaeron tries to hurt him but he’s difficult to hit (obscured). He lightning bolts us. Lilura Misfortunes him. The second time he doesn’t care. Gaeron tries to hurt him again but the wizard guy lightning bolts him! It’s bad. Gaeron and Rusila are really hurt. Gaeron appears to be dead! Rusila is down! Lilura casts Mad Hallucination and runs to Gaeron, grabbing his 2 potions of Cure Serious Wounds. He’s affected. He can’t act because he’s freaked out. Lilura runs to Rusila and gives her the potions of Cure and a potion of Bull Strength that she had. Rusila rises and slices open his stomach and then chops his head off, so he can’t come back!

The human dude was a wizard and had a bunch of magical stuff. Lilura goes to Gaeron and places him in a position of rest with his primary weapon. We take all the wizard’s stuff. Lilura checks the room. We find Headband of Alluring Charisma (Charisma +2), Winged Boots (Fly 3x day/5min, like Fly Spell +4 Fly checks), +3 Staff, 2 Potions of Etherealness, Scroll of Fireballs (5th Level Caster).

We gather Gaeron’s belongs and take him with us. He had Amulet of Armor +1, Belt of Incredible Dexterity +2, Bracers or Armor +1, Wayfinding Compas, Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds, Potion of Mage Armor, Potion of Owl’s Wisdom, Masterwork Steel Harpoon (cold/iron).

There are also doors to the right and left of this. The door off to the right is another chamber. It looks used. It looks like a woman’s chamber. We find personal stuff. We think this might be the captain’s room. We can tell that she doesn’t seem to be human from the contents of the room. There are ties to Orcs, maybe she’s a Half-Orc. It doesn’t look like she spends a huge amount of time here. The door to the left leads to an underground harbor. There is a ship, about 50 guys. We see no flag. No cargo is currently being loaded. Guys there are hustling like they’re preparing for a journey. We think maybe they’re transporting the 50 people in those pens. (We’re releasing them before we take off.) The ship is sleeker of bow than the other ship we did have. (We’re not sure if we sold that ship or not.) It’s got 3 masts and details to come. One problem, it’s a sailing ship in a cave with no wind. Rusila has spells for that.

Blood Tides 7 - STEPHEN ADD :)

GM doesn’t remember what happened exactly and I took crap notes, so it is decided that there were 4 guys in the tree but 2 are subdued, and there are 4 guys in the brush/forest that are still attacking us.

Lilura does Burning Hands to start the tree with the dudes on fire. No resistance for the Enthrall & Command dudes, but the others can save. But not the tree. Poor, tree.

Lemm &Torvil are attacking the guy who was trying to beat them. Gaeron ripped one of the guys out of the tree. Then 3 guys from the ground are trying to attack him. Rusila is still trying to use the horses as a shield and bring them through the forest, past the fire. They horses aren’t having it. Rusila tries to intimidate them. She does so. Very well. The horses are demoralized.

There should still be one guy on the ground and 3 guys burning to death in the tree. Gross.

Lilura shoots at the guys attacking Gaeron a couple of times. Everybody is fighting. Rusila is really trying to get control of the horses, but they start to run off. Lillura casts Daze and 3 of the 4 horses stop and are dazed.

Finally all the guys are dead except for 1 that Gaeron begins to question. He said that there were 20 bandits but not anymore. He said the leader is a guy named Robbs. He wants them to just harry travelers but they’re only supposed to attack Chelaxians. There’s a secret handshake! Robbs has a girlfriend Scarlet that owns a tavern in town. They recruit when they find down-on-their-luck guys and recommend them to Robbs.

We get to the manor house and sneak over a wall. Lemm climbs up the sea cliff. Torvil creates a distraction. We bypass the guard house with 6 dudes in it. Lemm gains access to the kitchen and Robbs is there with Scarlet. They start attacking each other. Robbs is hard to hurt. He hurts Lemm. Lemm whistles to Torvil. We hear it and everyone makes for the kitchen. Robbs is fighting Lemm. Scarlet is fighting and turns out to be magical. She is beating up Gaeron and has a magical hand. She’s a pain. Robbs is really tough even though Lemm’s kicking his butt a little bit. Lilura can’t Slumber him. She can’t even Evil Eye Scarlet. She is finally able to cast Touch of Idiocy on Scarlet and Slumbers Robbs. Scarlet runs off. Torvil can’t find her. That’s a little strange. She probably did some wiggly-fingers.

The guards break in. Lilura Bluffs them into thinking that she will slit Robbs’ throat if they come closer. They run off. They always run off.

Necklace (Amulet of Natural Armor +3), armor (studded leather), very well-made longsword, dagger. He looks way more well kept than he should be. He also appears to be Talden, maybe a Talden spy.

Lilura goes to examine the room where Robbs has been sleeping. She finds a nook with a magical-looking chest and book. It appears that he has installed himself in the master bedroom. Detect Magic shows that they are magical. They don’t appear to be trapped but she goes to the top of the stairs to call Rusila and Lemm. Lemm checks for traps an all looks good.

Use scroll of revelation from Harbormaster Clough’s apartment. It isn’t Common but I can read it as such. It reports on supposed Chelaxian agents, and that someone in the area is smuggling something.

The Captain wants to question Robbs. She asks what he’s involved in. He finally admits that someone from Cheliax is smuggling stuff in. Doesn’t know where or what, thinks it’s from somewhere around this house. It seems that they’re bringing it in from the sea and carrying it over from Cheliax.

Robbs claims that when they came upon the manor it was deserted and everyone is gone. He claims he’s a good guy. He tells us to check in the back of the neck of his armor. In that spot is a Taldan seal, like if he’s a Taldan agent.

Gaeron asks about Solara. Robbs says she’s got a lot more money than what this place would put out.

Rusila decides that we should let Robbs go. He says that the others will go away, they’re not bad guys. Lilura leaves the group to go examine the master bedroom futher. She takes the book and chest (with magical quill and ink) with her.

He wants the book back. Rusila says we don’t have a lot of moral fiber. Give a guy in town the password Blue Falcon and he’ll give us the contents of a chest with a merchant in town. He says it’s worth way more than the book. He tells Gaeron that he’s going back to Taldon.

Rusila asks Lilura if she’ll give up the book. Lilura says okay but spells her own journal so that when anything is recorded in that book (sent or received) she will be able to read it in her book.

Lilura is sure that there must be other stuff then, so she goest to look further. She finds a panel and calls Lemm. He’s sure that it’s not trapped and opens it. It releases corrosive gas. Lemm goes down. Lilura is hurt a bunch and screams for Gaeron and Rusila. They help heal her and Lemm. There’s a box, some books, and a key. Lilura wants to open the box. Lemm is now awake. He can’t open it. Lilura sees the flask of corrosive acid and burns the lock off. They poke the lid off with Gaeron’s harpoon. There’s about $2000 gp worth of gems in there. We’re rich! The books: one is a ledger. It’s in Infernal in characters, but they’re not assembled in any language that Lilura knows. Another is a spell book!

Gaeron goes to look elsewhere and finds a panel that looks like a hidey-hole in the cellar. He calls for Lemm, who adeptly opens the lock on the panel. There is a passage cut in the stone of the cliffside.

Blood Tides 6 - STEPHEN ADD :)

Captain – Rusila
Carpenter/Surgeon – Rufus (Lvl 2, Human)
ABS – Pablo Escobar (commoners)
Quartermaster – Lemm
Rigger – Black Jack Sue (Half-Aquatic Elf, female, ranger, Lvl 2)
Mate – Able Seaman (Lvl 1, ???, fighter)
Sailing Master/Navigator (First Mate) – Gaeron
Boatswain/Bosun – Bruce O’Malley (Lvl 2, Human, bard)
Mate – Ivan Ironsail (Lvl 1, Dwarf, fighter)
Master Gunner/Ship’s Wizard – Lilura
Gunner’s Mate – Gruk (Half-Orc, Linnorn, norse-ish, barbarian, Lvl 2)
ABS – Clem Entine

Cabin Boy – ?
Powder Monkey – ?

Swab/Swabbie – ?
Cook – ?

We want to try to sell the ship, and we try to figure out how to make money. Oh wait, we have a ship! We should get a job and get cargo. Where to find a job? Lilura’s father told her that a ship could find work at a port side tavern. The GM asks if we want to find work…

Lilura says ‘But of course! We are pirates! We should just reappropriate someone else of their cargo." Rusila makes the valid point that our ship is less than a threat. Lilura says that’s a brilliant idea, captain! We can seem less than fit for the sea but appear also as if we have valuable cargo, then take them and their cargo by surprise.

There is discussion of press-ganging crew. We decide to hire crew after all. Rusila makes a seamanship role to determine the fitness of the crew. We have an excellent crew! (28) We now have a crew of 25.

We are told that an old lady Solara needs some bandits cleared from her home. She is willing to pay us $100 gp. We want more. Rusila talks her into $1500. Lilura & Gaeron think once they oust the bandits, they will be in possession of the house and could sell it to Solara or someone. We get half the money up front.

We are attacked on the way to the lady’s house by some hidden bandits. It’s pretty dicey. Peoples gets hurt. Lilura commands one of them and says to stop hurting her friends and her. Lemm does a sneaky attack. Gaeron goes to pound some heads. Lilura enthralls a bunch of them.

game cut short…

Blood Tides 5 - STEPHEN ADD :)

off-screen: Lilura sold sold the remainder of the fireball necklace to buy herself a a lovely headband/circlet of leather with tiny shells embellishing it with a lovely amber-colored stone in the center (of her forehead). Lilura thinks she looks quite fetching in it. She also practices a spell, making her leather armor and guns masterwork.

Lemm looks in the captain’s quarters to see if we can tell whose ship it might be. It’s owned by a Taldan consortium. We’re considering selling the ship. We’re also considering selling the merchandise. Lemm appraises the cargo. It’s worth about $10,000 in gold in a place where they need that stuff.

We’re going to each put in 80 gp in so the ship can make it to The Shackles: 30 days with 20 crew. We’re also going to sell the cargo. We’re curious about where the Sea Sprite went.

We head out to Corentyn on the Arch of Aroden. It’s a major Cheliaxian port, but they trade with everyone.

We start sailing, weighing anchor each night, as we don’t have quite enough people to do full watches. One night, while we’re sleeping, Anguis wakes Lilura and says there are creatures in the water. Lilura goes topside where she sees a Tojanida attacking the oceanside of the ship. She rings the ship bell and yells that we’re being attacked. As people are awakened, 2 more Tojanidas attack the other side of the ship. Then humanoid creatures with cloaks that are soaked with water and covered with kelp start to board the ship. Lilura warns the others that the Tojanidas can squirt black ink at them.

They’re all attacking. One of the Tojanidas bites Ivan in half, he’s down, we don’t want him to die! Try to perform Hypnotism on the turtles but can see they’re undead. Shoot a bottle of holy water at one, eh.

There’s a lot of fighting and a lot of people get close to deaded or really hurt, except for Lilura somehow. Gruk is pretty much a badass. Rusila is really badly hurt and finally gets knocked into the water by one of the turtles. Lilura jumps in to try to save Rusila, using her potion of cure light wounds. They then get back on the ship. Lilura runs to the gooey puddle of zombie sorcerer. She grabs his staff and a totem/icon that he has. It represents the cult that worships these animals. But they’ve been zombified.

Minor staff of spell storing. Currently 2 Wizard spells: Scare, Magic Missile.

Gaeron thinks that there are just random zombies. Lilura thinks there is necromantic energy that is moving towards them or outward. She reminds everyone that there is supposedly a necromancer in the swamp back at Port Dagger.

Gaeron goes to inspect the ship. He notices some black oozy stuff coming through cracks in the ship. He goes back down with Rufas and pores holy water on the gunk, at Liluara’s suggestion. The stuff animates like tendrils and tries to attack Gaeron and Rufas.

Gaeron asks Lilura to make barrels of holy water. She is able to make 1 a day. On the 4th day they go down to the bilge with Gruk, Bruce, Ivan, and Lemm. They start to pore the holy water down into the bilge, on the 2nd barrel the creature surges up through the deck. It’s on!

Lilura uses the Magic Missile from the staff.

Lemm pretty much kills the thing with his fancy arrows but there is a giant 3’ hole. Rusila creates an air bubble to get us enough time to get safely to shore. While we’re beached, Gaeron and the crew fix the hole by cannibalizing the long boat. He fashions a raft in case we get in trouble. Lilura alchemically produces a pitch that is fire-retardant to seal what small leaking there is.

While we’re repairing the ship, Lilura makes 7 barrels of holy water.

We set sail and get to Corentyn. A Chelaxian official asks us what our business is (repairs to our ship), what our ship name is (Merry Prankster), what the country of origin is (Taldon). Rusila asks if he knows anyone who would give us a good deal on repairing the ship, he suggests his awesome brother.

Gaeron pays the crew: 28 days of 3 sp each day. They all go on shore leave. He thinks they’re super-content but they may not be…

We go to the Bucatino Shipyard and the dude there tries to bilk us out of $10,000 gp to fix the boat. He then says $5,000. Lilura sees a ledger on a desk. She starts to sneak over and Lemm has Torval pee on the guy’s leg. She sees that he is charging us 10x as much as he should. She starts yelling “thief!” and “cheat!”. Finally, Rusila and Gaeron see that he was cheating us. He’s going to fix the boat with our materials and our epoxy that is flame-resistent and $50gp. Lemm stays behind to make sure he does a good job.

We go out to sell the cargo. Rusila finds a guy who’ll pay us $3,400 for it and Rusila finally agree to $3,600 and that his people will offload the cargo. After expenses it’ll leave us with $3,450.

As we are walking around town, we see the official who met us at the dock. He is with his minion. Lilura stops to thank him and tell him how kind he was to help us. She explains that she is embarrassed but that we are now slightly down on our luck now that we have paid the very reasonable fees for the ship repairs (Bluff). She then mojos him with Touch of Idiocy and -2 Wisdom. He tells his minion to give us the money from the wooden box. We get $250 gold.

We now have $3678.8 for our new ship. :)

Blood Tides 4 - STEPHEN ADD :)
Buff Plug, we hardly knew ye...

We were watching zombies attack people and drag living and dead people to the water. The harbor master’s guards are dragging his body away. Flash to a minute earlier when Rusila attacked him, and Lemm & Rusila were mixing it up with his guards. While they were all occupied, Lilura lifted the journal off Harbor Master’s body. At this point, we’re still up in town near the Rose & Anchor where we were staying.

Gaeron had made his way onto a ship and zombies were coming up the gangplank!

Zombies are coming after us, too! Rusila yells to head to the docks. As we head down we are besieged by zombies. We try to dodge and weave them but we are somewhat injured. We get down there just in time to see Gaeron on the Merry Prankster going all ape-shit on some zombies.

Lilura sees out on the reefs, on Dead Man’s Reef in particular, a bunch of zombies pulling inert bodies out of the water. There is an eerie green light nearby. She’s seen that before, it was the eerie green of the necromantic water. She yells to everyone. Lemm yells “Hey, Gaeron already has a boat!” There are still 2 zombies on the gangplank.

Rusila says to get a more reasonable boat because this one needs 20 crewman. Lilura yells for nearby able seaman to ‘quick, get on the boat, we’ll get out to sea’. They are all distracted by fighting off zombies, so she throws a 3d6 fireball into a crowd of zombies, hoping to distract everyone and then get their attention to get on the boat. WTF.

Gaeron continues to fight off the zombies. Rusila & Lemm are running towards the ship, Lilura is a bit behind. Gaeron comes to get her. Gaeron shouts for Able & Ivan (some NPCs) to man the ship.

There aren’t enough dudes to sail the ship yet, and Lilura notices the able crewman Bruce O’Malley. He grew up on the sea, is a master of the sea shanty (zing! Bard), and a swordsman with a cutlas. He is fighting 3 zombies. Lilura runs to get him and Gaeron runs with her. Lilura tries to shoot them, and Bruce & Gaeron do the stabby-stabby. 2 zombies go down. We run from the 3rd and Gaeron finally puts him down.

We run for the ship where Rusila has been trying to make with the ship getting out to sea. Ivan, Able, Bruce, and Buff Plug are following Rusila’s orders. A group of townsfolk, including the merchant & his wife & 2 kids, gather at the gangplank. Gaeron cuts the gangplank down. Sad face. Only Lemm sees.

We try to leave port but feel a significant drag on the ship. Gaeron understands that this is similar to when barnacles, a lot of them, would cling to the hull of the ship. Lilura understands that they are surrounded by necromantic magic! Gaeron thinks that the undead are clinging to the hull.

The rudder also appears to not be working. Buff & Gaeron go to the stern of the boat to poke at it. Lilura tries to bless water, which is going to be super-stupid.

Gaeron yells that there’s Sahaugin on the stern! They attack! We attack them with our crew! Some of the crew are dead, like #4 and #6, who the Sahaugin skewered. Poor, #4 and #6, they didn’t even get names.

The Sahaugin kick our ass but we eventually kill them all with the aid of the crew. We lost Buff and a bunch of NPCs. Rusilla is trying to steer the ship but it’s being pulled towards Dead Man’s Reef. There’s the hitting with belaying pins, cutting, shooting of bullets and arrows, and throwing 1 flask of holy water. A lotta action.

We realize that there are still Sahaugin pulling on the rudder, steering us towards the reef. We throw a 5d6 fireball at them. They’re all killed or injured and swim to the island.

Clem and Pablo are left of the NPCs. (More names!) It sucks, there are 10 crewmen left counting us. There are still 8 civilians left, also.

Able & Ivan tell us that the captain’s name was Barnabas Jones. He had been pulled down into the water by the undead. Gaeron had gone to the captain’s quarters. He discovers that the the ship had just picked up mundane items.

Rusila is the new captain! We rest, heal up, rest, sail to the nearest port 2-3 days away. We need to try fix the rudder, which tool 17 fire damage with the last attack. Lilura works as much as possible to make holy water ‘potions’. She is able to make 10 (Rusila-2, Gaeron-2, Lemm-3, Lilura-3).

quiver of unending arrows (Lemm)
2 flintlock pistols with ammunition (Lilura)
navigator’s compass—Wayfinder (Gaeron)
charts of the Inner Sea (on ship)
logbook (on ship)
chest with 500 gp (100 gp each, 100 gp to the ship’s funds)
The Merry Prankster, ship worth 30,000 gp

Bruce was a bosun. One of the town people, Rufus, was a carpenter. Able & Ivan are senior ship guys. Clem and Pablo are new. 6 other civilian personnel who are useful. One of them, Marta, is a cook, who doesn’t stay with us when we get to the next port.

Captain – Rusila
Quartermaster – Lemm
Sailing Master/Navigator (First Mate) – Gaeron
Master Gunner/Ship’s Wizard – Lilura
Gunner’s Mate – Gruk (Half-Orc, Linnorn, norse-ish, barbarian, Lvl 2)
Boatswain/Bosun – Bruce O’Malley (Lvl 2, Human, bard)
Carpenter/Surgeon – Rufus (Lvl 2, Human) Jason
Mates – Able (Lvl 1, ?, fighter), Ivan (Lvl 1, Dwarf, fighter)
ABS – Clem, Pablo (commoner)
Rigger – Black Jack Sue (Half-Aquatic Elf, female, ranger, Lvl 2)
Cabin Boy – ?

Powder Monkey – ?
Swab/Swabbie – ?

Cook -

We land in Port Haven. The Captain accidentally crashes into their dock. The Harbor Master comes down and is pissed. He wants someone to pay for the dock. We try to talk him out of it: Rusilla (diplomacy, intimidation), Lilura (charm, touch of idiocy-Wisdom). We succeed.

We need crewmen because all the random townspeople left. Lilura works to figure out what the other 2 potions from Clough’s office were. They are potions of cure moderate wounds (Rusila-1, Gaeron-1).

Lemm goes to scout out other ships. He finds one with 2 amazing guns that are kind of like gigantic versions of Lilura’s gun. The Sea Sprite, a Taldon coastal runner. The Sea Sprite has sailed. Ask around, those guns are unusual.

Rusila and Lilura go out to get crew members. We find Black Jack Sue and Gruk.

Lilura tries to read Clough’s journal and can’t make it out. She brews a potion of Comprehend Language. She can make out that there are 3 columns:

thing good :) bad :(

It is a code book for a Chelaxian spy. Inside there’s a letter, pretty sure it’s from Clough, talking about returning Port Dagger to the Chelaxians. The language was demonic. Some of the things listed are: infiltrate the government, infiltrate the garrison, muck up the trade so that people lose faith in the Taldon government. It appears that Port Haven is next.

We try to decide what high-ranking official we should try to loop in. Gaeron says that we should go to the Temple of Gozreh. There’s a very well-regarded monk there. Gaeron wants to go there to see Mortimer the Abbot. Mortimer reads the journal and sees the problem with Cheliax. He doesn’t see the tie with the supernatural elements. Lilura tries to persuade him. He thinks we should go back and help Port Dagger…

Blood Tides 3 - STEPHEN ADD :)

Rusila & Gaeron are in jail. Lilura & Lemm decide it’s time for a jailbreak. Yay!

Talk our way past Bart, an old man at the City Hall. Lilura gives the guards the rum she brought for her ‘father, who’s in jail’. He drinks. Her mother has sent her to bring him dinner as he gets angry if they don’t bring him food. She thinks they’re so nice that they should have the rum. Mat falls right asleep but Lef does not.

Lemm slips by Bart who thinks he is a small child, the brother of “Penelope”, who’s here to visit her father. He then easily sneaks by the two guards who are sleeping or distracted. He gets to R & G’s cell. As he’s trying to pick the lock he’s heard. Lilura says ‘no, you mustn’t leave me! You must protect me!" to the guards. Dude says he must stop the jail break so she charms him.

Gaeron must then be talked into leaving as he is lawful, after all, and naive. Rusila gets him to leave to leave by coercing (strong-arming) him and telling him quarter-truths.

We escape but decide that we’re wanted and need to get the heck out of town. We get our stuff. Gaeron goes to his swamp shack to get his stuff. He encounters a bunch of zombies in the swamp, so he torches his shack.

We hear a bunch of stuff going on, zombies are attacking everyone and dragging them to the water! Gaeron heads down to the port, where there are zombies everywhere.

We’re thinking we need a ship, wondering if we need more of a crew. Don’t know if we should help the town.

Until next time…


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